The History of the Bride’s Sword Made by Hattori Hanzo

What is the Bride’s Sword?

The Bride’s Sword was made by a legendary swordsmith named Hattori Hanzo upon request. It was a sword that symbolized revenge and was popularized through the Kill Bill two-part movies in 2003 and 2004, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The films followed the story of abride and warrior named Beatrix Kiddo. Shewasportrayed by the actress and model Uma Thurman, who traveled with her Katana blade as she completed her revenge vendetta against her former romantic partner, Bill.It was initially called ‘The Bride’s Sword’ as the name of the wielder is not yet known in the first movie. If you want to own a katana yourself, you may check out these Katana for Sale items.

What does the Bride’s Sword look like?

The Bride’s Sword, made by Hattori Hanzo, is like a traditional Japanese katana. It is a two-handed single-blade sword that is long, and curvedwith a black, white, and yellow color scheme. This sword is made out of the finest Japanese steel and includes a blacksheath with gold decorations. In addition, the blade of the sword was engraved with a lion that symbolizes bravery.

The Origin of the Bride’s Sword

Based on history, Hattori Hanzo was a real person and was one of the notable samurai warriors in Japanese history. However, in the Kill Bill movies, Hanzo was the greatest swordsmith in the world.

In the film, Beatrix Kiddo traveled to Japan to find Hattori Hanzo to ask him to make her a sword. When she met Hanzo, he initially refused to follow herrequest. He also stated that he already oath to god that he will not make another instrument of death that kills people.

Nevertheless, after Kiddo told her that the person she wanted to kill is Bill, Hanzo then was reminded of Bill’s dishonorable action as his student. With this, Hanzo realized that Kiddo’s quest to kill Bill was a righteous quest. Hanzo subsequently agreed to help Kiddo in her revenge against Bill, and that it is in order to correct Bill’s wrongdoing. With this, he decided to make Kiddo the final sword he will ever make.

After thirty days had passed, a special and private ceremony was conducted by Hanzo to honor the sword and its new owner, Beatrix Kiddo. The ceremony only included Hattori Hanzo, Beatrix Kiddo, and a witness who is dressed in white robe. It was also during the ceremony that Hanzo explained that Kiddo’s sword was the greatest creation he had ever forged. He then called Beatrix Kiddo the ‘Yellow-haired-warrior,’ and put the sword in her hands to begin her quest.

Aside from the Bride’s Sword, Hanzo also previously made personalized swords for some people. Some of the swordshe made were for Bill, the former romantic partner of Beatrix, and Budd, Beatrix’s third target.Hanzo also made many other swords that he had kept in his shop.

Beatrix Kiddo’s Bride Sword Abilities

  • The sword has the ability to slice a man in half.
  • It can kill several numbers of opponents without being dull.
  • The Bride’s Sword also has the ability to decapitate a man’s body parts in one single stroke.
  • The sword is also lightweight, making the wielder have a speedy attack.
  • The Bride’s Sword also has the ability to cut through another sword.

Beatrix Kiddo and the Bride’s Sword on Mission

After Kiddo obtained the sword from Hanzo, she used it to kill the leader of the Japanese yakuza, O-Ren Ishii, by scalping her. It was during this scene where the sword’s capabilities were shown in the hands of Beatrix Kiddo, as she defeated forty men using one sword.

When Kiddo attacked Bill’s brother, Budd, he managed to disarm Beatrix before she could even attack him. Budd then buries Beatrix alive and sold her katana for a million dollars. Subsequently, Beatrix escaped her burial death and went back to retrieve her sword. However, she found out that Budd was killed by Elle, a former deadly viper, and that the sword was now in Elle’s possession. Elle then tries to kill Beatrix using the Bride’s Sword, but Beatrix killed Elle first using Budd’s sword. Beatrix now obtains her sword back upon killing Elle.

In the final moments of the Kill Bill 2, Bill and Beatrix faced off. Beatrix chose to kill Bill using the five finger death punch instead of using her sword. Since then, the Bride’s Sword was never seen again.