The 13 Best Private Schools in Dubai: Which One Is Right for Your Child?

If you’re looking for the best private schools in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will look at the 17 top-rated schools in the emirate. Each of these institutions has something unique to offer, so it can be not easy to choose just one. That’s why we’ve created a list of factors to consider while making the decision. Keep reading for more information!

1. Gems Royal Dubai School

The Gemi Schools in Mirdif is a school that offers the UK national curriculum, and it has been rated “outstanding” for five consecutive years. Their fees for the next academic year are as follows: First grade will be paid at Dh 38 331 with second class ranging from Dhs 4360 up to Year 6, which costs 48 330 locally or abroad depending on your location.

2. Gems Modern Academy

Gems Modern Academy is an institution that aspires to offer quality education in Nad Al Sheba. Founded 30 years ago, this Indian curriculum school has only one ranking by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority as outstanding: For its commitment to providing young people with the tools necessary for change-making throughout their lives!

With tuition starting at just Dh28646 pre-kindergarten level up until grade 12 ( spends most of) themselves on extracurricular activities like sports or arts & crafts lessons– students here learn how to be positive force mechanisms too. In addition, they offer international baccalaureate diploma programs, which cost roughly 68kares.

3. Jumeirah College

In Al Safa, Jumeirah College is a UK curriculum school 1 that has been ranked superb for ten consecutive years. The institution provides students with an international learning experience, ranking them among the best around the world!

This year alone, they received offers from prestigious universities like Imperial College London and the University of Oxford as well as others nearby such as LSE or Melbourne UoMnDs, resultantly boosting their chances to get into top colleges when applying internationally.

4. Jumeirah English Speaking School

Jumeirah English Speaking (JESS) is a school that was started in the 1970s with just 17 pupils.

Today, more than 1,400 students from Al Safa 1 and 2 thousand children attending classes at the Arabian Ranches branch of this non-profit institution which has raised its primary fee by 5% but will not change any other fees for secondary level education; starting off Foundation Grade up to grade 13 – there’s always something new coming!

5. Dubai British School

We all know that the British school system is one of the highest in Dubai. Located on Emirates Hills, this is one of the best international schools in Dubai and has become even more popular with its excellent rankings and consistently high ratings!

Not only does it provide an excellent education for children but also ensures they are well prepared to enter college or work life once graduation time comes around – what’s not loving about being educated by Britain?

6. Dubai English Speaking School

Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) was set in 1963 by a small group of Pakistani teachers.

From just three pupils at their residence, two thousand now attend D E S S and its secondary school arm – Dubai, widely known as “The grandfatherly college.” For 2022-23, academic year fees will range from Dh38305 for Foundation Stage students all the way up to 6th Year Level, which costs nearly 50K UAE Dubarry per semester

7. Dubai English Speaking College

The Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) is a school that was established to provide quality British education for pupils up to 18 years old and prepare them for how they will enter university.

The not-for-profit DESC does not select its students based on academic performance but rather by whether or not you can afford it; this means anyone from any background may attend! It has been reported as outstanding since 2013, which speaks volumes about what kind of institution we have here – so don’t miss your chance at becoming part…

DESC is now making it even more affordable to get into university with their new fees for the 2022-23 academic year. Students in years seven and eleven will be required at a rate of Dh73,708 per semester, while those taking six forms can expect an expense between USD79 -$168 every six months!

8. Gems Jumeirah Primary School

Gems Jumeirah Primary School is one of the most demanded schools in Dubai, with its ‘outstanding’ rating since 2010.

The school provides a bespoke and modern curriculum that focuses on British education while also using top practices from other global curriculums for children aged 3–11 years old. Students are taught by qualified teachers using state board-approved materials which can be customized to suit their needs – all at competitive fees starting as low as Dh40 865!

9. Kings School Dubai

Kings School Dubai is a primary school that offers education for 3 – 11 years of age. Located close to Burj Al Arab, it has been granted ‘outstanding’ ratings by DSIB every year since inspections began at the beginning of the 2012/13 curriculum cycle.

It now charges fees ranging between Dh43K-$66k depending on your child’s grade level if you’re interested in academics or extracurricular activities.

The original three Kings Schools have successfully collaborated together under one umbrella company called “Kings Education”.

10. Dubai College

The UK curriculum non-profit school in Al Sufouh is the oldest school and is usually touted as among Dubai’s best. Founding headmaster Tim Charlton set up this institution to ensure that British secondary pupils wouldn’t have to return home, so they could remain educated locally with excellent teachers who maintained high standards across all areas–and there are members on staff from years ago!

Rates start at just Dh28k per term for seven through 11-year-olds; 12+ costs nearly double at32 laboratories plus accommodation (which most families can afford). These three terms each equal one full academic year.

11. Horizons English School

Horizons English school in Dubai’s Al Wasl area serves to foundation stage one through Year 6, with around 1,000 students enrolled. Quality indicators have deemed their students’ personal and social development as outstanding, while the progress of Arabic being spoken by them at home was rated acceptable for primary-age children learning it as a first language; this shows how much care is given to every student that goes into making sure they can reach their full potential!

12. Repton School

The Repton School in Nad Al Sheba is one of three branches located within the UAE. This branch was founded six years ago, with inspections covering every year from 2014 up until 2020, where it had an outstanding rating on all reports for DSIB’s Foundation Stage fees which start at just Dh52603 per student while other stages range from 54pentiumion dollars (Year 1) to 7021shekel(Year 6).

13. Kings School Al Barsha

Kings School Al Barsha is a British curriculum school that opened in September 2014 and offered education for students from Years 1 to 13. It’s located near Dubai city, which gives it some great shopping opportunities!

The fees are relatively higher than other schools on this list, but if you want your child well educated while still being able to afford reasonable prices, Kings will be worth checking out – they’ve achieved DSIB “outstanding” status two times now, so there must be something special about their teaching style or methodology?