She-Hulk is a Marvel female superhero character initially created by Stan Lee, and artist John Buscema. She was the last character that Lee had created for Marvel Comics, until his return in 1992 with Ravage 2099 comics. The creation of She-Hulk was made after the success of The Incredible Hulk and The Bionic Woman TV series. Marvel had created She-Hulk in the fear that show’s executives might produce a similar character that was not under the rights of Marvel Comics. After Stan Lee created the first issue of She-Hulk, it was then continued by writer David Anthony Kraft, and penciled by Mike Vosburg. After ‘The Savage She-Hulk’ series had ended in issue #25 in March 1982, She-Hulk made appearances in other superheroes comic series. One of the superhero series where she appeared was in the limited series of ‘Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions’ that runs from June to August 1982.

In July 1982, She-Hulk also appeared as a member of Avengers in the comic series of Avengers issue #221. During her early appearances, She-Hulk was seen running a gag about her car troubles. Aside from her role in Avengers, she also infrequently appeared in The Incredible Hulk series.Subsequently, in April 1984, She-Hulk joined the Fantastic Four in the comic series of Fantastic Four issue #265. During her association with the Fantastic Four, she also had a guest appearance in Marvel Graphic Novel #16, #17, and #18, which were all published in 1985.In 1989, She-Hulk regained a solo series named after the #18 graphic novel, The Sensational She-Hulk. The solo series ran for sixty issues with John Bryne as a co-writer and artist.Although Sensational She-Hulk ended its 60th issue in February 1994, and her second solo series was canceled, she continued to appear in other superheroes’ comics, miniseries, and one-shot. Some of her appearances include Fantastic Force issue #13, Doc Samson issue #1 to #4, Heroes for Hire issue #8 to #19, The Avengers series, and her major one-shot, ‘Thing and She-Hulk: The Long Night.‘

In 2014, She-Hulk’s on-going series written by Charles Soule with artist Javier Pulido was released. It was revealed that the on-going series was about She-Hulk as she faces Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil. Also, in 2015, She-Hulk appeared as a member of A-Force, an all-female Avenger, launched by G. Willow Wilson, along with Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Molina. Moreover, in 2016, She-Hulk also starred in the comic series, ‘Hulk.’ The series revealed how she dealt with the trauma caused by her cousin’s death and the damages received from Thanos during the Civil War II. However, the title ended at issue #163 in 2018.

She-Hulk Comic Origin

Jennifer Walters was raised by Sheriff William Morris Walters and Elaine Banner-Walters in Los Angeles, California. She grew up as a girl that lacked confidence and was shy. Growing up, Jennifer developed a close bond with her cousin Bruce Banner, also known as The Incredible Hulk. During her early life, she attended the University of California, where she gained a law degree and eventually worked as a lawyer in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, while Bruce was about to visit Jen, a crime boss and her father’s enemy, named Nicholas Trask shot Jennifer. The shot caused a severe wound on Jen and was in need of a blood transfusion. To save her cousin’s life, Bruce decided to give his own blood. Bruce’s blood that contained gamma-radiation had caused Jennifer to obtain the same powers as Bruce. As the team of Trask –dressed as doctors, approached them, Jennifer feared for her life. During that moment, Jennifer made her first transformation into a Hulk-like being. She recognized the men who attacked her, and the killers were quickly dispatched.

Superpowers and Abilities

In human form, Jennifer Walters is a physically fit woman with natural strength and endurance. She has an above-average level of intelligence, and is also skilled in martial arts, and trained in hand-to-hand combat.Jennifer gains and loses mass, as well as extra muscle mass when transforming into and out of She-Hulk form. When she changes into She-Hulk, her body and hair became distinctly greenish in hue.

Although the strength of She-Hulk remained at a set level, later in her history, her strength has reportedly increased in accordance with her anger level, similar to her cousin, the Hulk. However, if she increases her strength as Jennifer Walters, her power as She-Hulk will be stronger than it would otherwise be. In the past, she had used this to her advantage. Jennifer had used weight training to make her She-Hulk body much more powerful than usual.Nevertheless, as she increased her strength, her She-Hulk form also gained muscle mass, making her much larger than usual. Furthermore, She-Hulk also has a healing factor, enabling her to completely recover from any injuries.

She-Hulk’s body is super durable and nearly resistant to any force, pain, and disease. Her skin can also withstand extreme temperatures, as well as strong impacts, without lacerations or wounds.Aside from strength, durability, and healing factor, She-Hulk also possesses superhuman agility, speed, reflexes, and stamina.