Scanimation Meets The Wizard of Oz

Looking for the perfect gift? Well, if you or a loved one are a fan of The Wizard of Oz (and who isn’t?), we’ve got just the thing. Wizard of Oz Scanimation: 10 Classic Scenes from Over the Rainbow is a terrific collection of memorable scenes from the movie, brought to life on the printed page via scanimation, the remarkable animation technique created by the book’s author, Rufus Butler Seder.

We won’t try to explain how scanimation works here (…you really need to see it to believe it), but we’re sure you’ll be amazed at how, through this amazing technology, your favorite Oz characters come alive right before your eyes.

You’ll see:

  • Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and Toto dancing down the Yellow Brick Road
  • Dorothy’s farmhouse flying upward in a twister
  • Miss Gulch on her bicycle in the tornado, transforming into a witch on a broomstick
  • The Scarecrow doing a wacky dance
  • The Wicked Witch of the West waving on a sky full of flying monkeys
  • The Great and Powerful Oz—and the man behind the curtain frantically pulling levers, and much more

This really is the gift book and is sure to become a collector’s item, so get your copy right away.