Personality of Chester Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur served as the twenty-first president of the United States of America, who displayed a sturdy built, and handsome figure. He stood six feet and two inches with a chubby round face, high forehead, black eyes, and fleshy nose. Remembered with his side-whiskers and mustache, which became his most distinctive feature. Chester Arthur wore it throughout his career.

Inaugurated at the age of 52, Chester Arthur understands that the position he succeeded from James Garfield entails grinding work. He is reserved, analytical, and has an insightful character with a strong sense of independence. Chester Arthur is a thoughtful tactician; that is why he could apply creativity and rationality in everything he does.

Finds a Better Way

Chester Arthur was both boldest of dreamers and bitterest of pessimists. With sheer willpower and intelligence, he achieved even the most challenging goals. He can embrace shortcomings and was confident of his ability to teach himself just about anything he needed to know.

He was not afraid to change the status quo and preferred to make his discoveries throughout his career. Breaking rules and risk disapproval did not bother him. Chester Arthur believed that a new idea is not worth anything unless it works.

As Chester Arthur is independent to the core, he was able to shake off the Republicans’ expectations as he reinforced and embraced the United States Civil Service Reform and enforced the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, which became the cornerstone of his administration.

For him, conformity is synonymous with mediocrity; that is why Chester Arthur strived to do things according to his way.

Lived in a Chess Game

Since Chester Arthur lived a life full of contradiction, he is imaginative, although decisive. He is ambitious but kept it private. Lastly, Chester Arthur was curious yet focused and lived his life like a chess game. He relied on strategy rather than taking chances; contemplated the pros and cons of every move he made. With enough ingenuity, he never loses faith and finds a way to overcome challenges no matter what arises along the way.

Chester Arthur is dedicated to an idea or pursuit and tends to have a clear vision to succeed; although, few things deter him from putting these ideas into reality. He considered situations he endeavor as opportunities to expand his knowledge and hone his skill. Because of this mindset, he came up with innovative solutions to grueling problems.

Subsequently, Chester Arthur is overly critical; that is why he tends to have a great deal of self-control; that is why he is irreverently critical.


Chester Arthur found it hard to relax as he had a hard time cut loose and relaxing because he maximized his time accomplishing his goals.

Chester Arthur’s formula to clear the way of advancing the nation towards his set goal was hard work and dedication combined. Chester Arthur was diagnosed with Bright’s disease, now known as nephritis, shortly after becoming president because he pushed himself too hard because of his ambition at the expense of his health.

Chester Arthur’s formula to clear the way of advancing the nation towards his set goal was hard work and dedication combined. However, he was never acknowledged by other politicians, the press, and even Americans.

Deeply Emotional

According to Thomas Reeves, a biographer accounted that Chester Arthur was deeply emotional. He dramatically appreciates honest and open communication. He created strong and meaningful relationships and ensured that his family has a comfortable and satisfying life.

“Gentleman Boss”

Chester Arthur is a good judge of character; however, his desire for luxury and comfort is powerful. He valued status very much and ran the risk of losing it, such as his position, reputation, and even family relations.

He appeared arrogant and overbearing because of his mindset that his way is the only way. Chester Arthur was stubborn, intolerant, authoritative, and impatient.

Chester Arthur lived lavishly and commissioned massive repairs before settling into the White House. It was redecorated and redesigned by Louis Comfort Tiffany and spent much on stained glass, mantels, mirrors, lighting fixtures, and paintings. His administration spent over an estimated amount of $30,000 on the said project, which costs $2 million in today’s money.

He was also a fastidious dresser and accounted with his extensive wardrobe, which includes an estimated 80 pairs of pants, high hats, silken scarves, frock coats, and other high-fashioned staples. He would change clothes several times a day, so he earned the nickname “Elegant Arthur.”


Chester Arthur is armed with powerful intellects and a strategic mind. He can easily maneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most, which enabled him to reach his potential.

He was independent and often made decisions without asking for another person’s output. His behavior is often associated with his insensitivity because he prioritized rationality and success over-politeness. Chester Arthur relied on strategies rather than taking chances.

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