Personalities of Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor was a war hero turned politician as the outcome of the Mexican-American War. He grew up in the frontier of Kentucky from a family of farmers and slaveholders. He had rich military and combat experience, which gave him a better perspective of the nation’s needs.

He had an individualistic mindset, which allowed him to pursue goals without much external connection. As a strategist, Zachary Taylor tends to explore ideas through trial and error or, perhaps, his first-hand experience. He had a conflict with the administration of James K. Polk when they interfered with the truce he had during the war because it tapped his principles and freedom to decide.

Zachary Taylor was called the “Old Rough and Ready” because of his readiness to lend a hand, get his boots dirty, and share his experience with his men.

Dare to Differ

He was very enigmatic. Zachary Taylor was friendly but private. He appeared calm but very spontaneous with his decisions and action. Even the Whigs, loved ones, and friends find it challenging to predict him.

Recalling how he handled the controversies with the statehood and status of slavery in the newly acquired territories, he was known to be loyal and steady. Still, he tends to build up impulsive energy and explodes as he took his interests in bold new directions. He tends to act too soon and took for granted his tolerant nature because he assumed that others do the same.

Zachary Taylor is not fond of engaging in horseplay. He tends to violate boundaries if the situation becomes emotionally charged, and these boundaries backfire to him tremendously.

Flexible and Rational

He spent most of his life on the battlefield; that is why he usually put his best foot forward in his goals and projects. He typically goes with the flow, but he placed his assertion and put a personal touch on the suggestions given to him. Zachary Taylor can easily switch his mindset to fit in the new situation he faced, which made him flexible and versatile.

Zachary Taylor knows how to prioritize; however, it comes with some unpredictability. He was able to store his spontaneity for a rainy day as he was creative in handling crises. He enjoyed a little physical risk and is not afraid to get his hands dirty as the situation calls it; unfortunately, he did not live long enough to address his unfinished business.

Insensitive and Risky Behavior

As he tends to go with the flow, he becomes blunt because of his irritation. Zachary Taylor is logical; that is why he had a hard time meeting others halfway or with sensitivity. Because of his reserved nature, he was inclined to keep his matters to himself.
His stubbornness, focus on the moment, and difficulty with other’s emotions led him to escalate conflicts and danger.

Committed Father and Husband

Zachary Taylor was an erratic man because of his military career demands because he tends to live in the present as he continually looks for new activities and experiences. As a father, he was strict and traditional, especially to Sarah, who then married Jefferson Davis. Zachary Taylor expected his children to be independent and be accountable for their decisions. He had a hard time with emotional bonding.

There are rare records of his relationship with his wife, but it was evident that Margaret was very supportive of her husband’s endeavors. She understands how Zachary Taylor’s passion for the armed forces, despite his little expression of affection towards her.

Practical and Result-Oriented

Zachary Taylor tends to thrive on diversity and unpredictability, as he was very versatile. He is a natural problem solver with an unwavering focus on possible solutions. Many were fascinated by how he creates a satisfying and immediate result.

Because of his experience working with little or sometimes with nothing on the battlefield, Zachary Taylor was efficient. He had a variety of actions to respond to the crisis. It is important to him that he was not boxed and stuck with methods and routines. He does whatever made his heart sing.

As he was result-oriented, he understands his risks equates to reward. He was highly desirable in dynamic environments and was often criticized because of his mulish manner. Strict rules and guidelines are not his styles.

During his presidency, he treated his subordinates with loose boundaries, which may have led some of his cabinet members to abuse it and involved in the Galphin Scandal. As this issue arose, he devised a practical and impartial solution that was not implemented because of his unexpected death.


Zachary Taylor is the man known for his technical mastery and willingness to improvise. He finds solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. Zachary Taylor had an undying desire to learn new things. It was unfortunate to think of what he might have offered to the nation if he served long enough in the office.


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