Personal injury lawyers in New Jersey: Answering the frequently asked questions

Whether you were hurt in an accident on someone’s property or suffered losses in a car crash in New Jersey, you must act swiftly. You may have a chance to seek compensation from the at-fault party, but you also need evidence to prove your claim. Personal injury claims are complex for numerous reasons, and no two cases are the same. At the least, you should know whether the case has merit. Just random information on the internet will not help, and you cannot rely on what someone else did in a similar situation. Law firms like Sattiraju & Tharney offer comprehensive services for claimants in NJ, and if you are unsure of how to choose an injury lawyer, don’t miss the FAQs listed below. 

How much will it cost to meet an injury lawyer?

The short answer is nothing. Fortunately, most of the top injury lawyers in New Jersey don’t charge a fee for the initial meeting, and the consultation gives you the time to know an attorney better. However, you may have to call the lawyer’s office in advance to get an appointment. 

When do I need an attorney?

While you should see a lawyer for almost any type of personal injury claim, there are some critical situations that need more attention. Meet an injury lawyer if – 

  1. You have suffered serious injuries that are likely to impact your life and job 
  2. You don’t know who or what caused the accident
  3. You are also partly liable for the situation
  4. You don’t understand the claims process & insurance paperwork 
  5. You don’t have clarity on state laws 

What would an injury lawyer do for me?

Initially, the injury lawyer will start with an evaluation. They will listen to your side of the story, understand the available facts and details, and discuss the possible damages you can recover. Once the attorney decides to work for you, they will launch an investigation to determine liability and identify evidence. For this, injury lawyers often work extensively with other experts, including those specializing in accident reconstruction. Your lawyer’s job is to fight for your case, and if required, they can file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation. At times, insurance offers may not cover the losses. 

Can I afford an attorney?

Yes, anyone can afford an injury lawyer, as there is no immediate payment. Unlike family lawyers, who often charge a retainer fee and hourly rates, personal injury lawyers work on contingency. The lawyer will not get any fee unless you get compensated and win the claim. The contingency percentage could vary, depending on how complex the case is and whether the attorney needs to go beyond their usual norms to recover a settlement. However, ensure you have complete clarity on the fee structure and if you need to pay for anything else. 

How do I know if an injury lawyer is right for me?

First, stay away from someone who makes tall claims or promises something that is too good to be true. There are no guarantees in this field, as lawyers are aware of the multiple variables. Choose someone who takes a genuine interest in your case and is personally available to work. They should also educate you on the state laws and how things work in New Jersey. A good injury lawyer will always have a proven track record and the experience of representing clients in court. While not all cases go to trial, you don’t want to risk the possibilities. 

You can check online listings of injury lawyers in NJ or ask around to make a quick list. Schedule meetings and get relevant answers.