Nightwing, also known as Dick Grayson, is a superhero that has been published by DC Comics. He was also the formerly known Robin, the vigilante sidekick of Batman. After six years of being Robin, Dick Grayson decided to reinvent himself and adopted Nightwing as his new superhero identity. Subsequently, the character had appeared in several incarnations. Although Nightwing is often associated with Batman, the title and concept originate from Superman. In DC Comics, the original Nightwing was an identity taken over by Superman when he and his friend, Jimmy Olsen (aka Flamebird), were stranded on the Kryptonian city of Kandor. Since then, the two protected Kandor under the name, Nightwing and Flamebird, inspired by Batman and Robin.

As Robin evolved from a young boy to a grown man, his features have been more recognized. In fact, he was deemed by the Comics Alliance as the #1 Sexiest Male comic characters in 2013. Aside from that, he was also placed as the fifth among the IGN’s top 25 heroes.

Nightwing Comic Origin

Dick Grayson was a twelve-year-old acrobat in the circus and the youngest among his family, also known as “The Flying Graysons of the Haley Circus.” Although Dick was very young, he was trained in acrobat since birth. During their trip to Gotham City, Tony Zucco, a famous and fearful criminal, threatened the performers and asked the circus owner to give him money. The owner refused, and as a result, Dick had witnessed his parent’s deaths that night.

Shortly following the tragic event, Dick was put in a juvenile service system since the social services were already full. In there, he was beaten by fellow inmates. Subsequently, he was later sent into a Catholic orphanage.Fortunately, a billionaire named Bruce Wayne saved Dick by adopting him. After Dick found out that his new guardian did not pay much attention to him, he sneaked out of Wayne’s Manor to investigate his parents’ death. When Dick went back to the circus, he encountered Zucco’s corporate partner, Eddie Skeever, who almost killed him. To his surprise, he had seen Batman, who was also investigating his parent’s murder case.

The next thing Grayson new after waking up inside the Batcave was the fact that Bruce Wayne is actually Batman. Also, they found out that Zucco was really involved in Grayson’s parent’s death. Although before he was arrested, Zucco passed away from a heart attack. Seeing himself on Grayson, Batman offered him a chance to become his criminal-fighting partner. With that, Dick chose Robin as his alias and then started training with Batman.

Dick Grayson as Nightwing

At the age of nineteen, after six years as Robin, Grayson ended his career as a sidekick, for the better. He left Wayne’s Manor and went to college at the University of Hudson, but dropped out after the first semester. Grayson, meanwhile, continued to work for the Teen Titans. However,the alias Robindoesn’t fit him anymore, so he soon needs to adopt a new hero identity.

Uncertain of what to do, Grayson turned to Superman, who he knew would understand. For a brief moment, Grayson had considered giving up the entire crime-fighting career, but he could not otherwise imagine his life after that. The new superhero identity was still hunting Grayson. Although soon afterward, he adopted the name Nightwing, thanks to Superman.

Grayson’s Post-Crisis version had him become the first and only Nightwing. His new costume was partly inspired by his father, who once wore a circus costume that was a variation of Deadman’s costume from Boston Brand comics.

Nightwing had eventually moved out of Batman’s shadow and is now leading the Titans through some difficult times. Meanwhile, Batman trained a new Robin, also known as Jason Todd.

Superpowers and Abilities

Nightwing has no known superhuman powers, although he focuses instead on his physical ability, acrobatic prowess, and the keen detective abilities that the Dark Knight himself, has taught him. During his superhero career, Nightwing had developed a unique and well-versed set of skills that soon earned him a valuable reputation than most superheroes.

Here are some of the other abilities of Nightwing:

Computer Hacking: Aside from his physical skills, Grayson is also skilled in hacking. He was reportedly able to hack into the JLA emergency codes. As well as that, he can hack an alien Terminal with the use of the Tameranean Language.

Escapology: After training with Batman, he became extremely skilled in escapology. With this skill, he was able to escape a maze faster than Flash could, escape from police handcuffs swiftly, and was able to escape virtual reality through the use of a Tibetan Mind Technique.

Genius Level Intellect: Nightwing also has a vast knowledge in different fields. He often uses this along with his Detective skills. In addition, his intelligence lets him build his own “Nightcar,” create a Tech Glider and fool a polygraph.