New Memories from Fans of The Wizard of Oz!

“I loved watching this movie with my dad. He would always tell us it was his favorite movie when he was a kid. He saw it when it first came out and he would talk about how when Dorothy would open the door and go from black and white to color and how amazing it was. My dad loved the movie so much that when he passed away almost 4 yrs ago they played Over the Rainbow at his life celebration. Also in my speech for his life celebration, I referred to him as my wizard of Oz. I watch the movie every time it comes on TV and it brings back such wonderful memories of time spent with my dad.”
– Alison W.

“My favorite memory of watching The Wizard of Oz is it used to come on every year on a Friday night in early March. We were showing our sheep at a stock show that Friday night so we set up a little TV by the sheep pens and would watch it while we were getting our sheep ready to show. We did this for 4 years while we were in high school. We could NOT miss The Wizard of Oz!! Other people would gather around as well to watch it! We were the hit of the stock show!!”
– Kathey C.