Luke Skywalker’s Green Lightsaber from the Star Wars

One of the most notable fictional characters in the Star Wars series was Luke Skywalker. In the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas, the main protagonist, Luke Skywalker, was portrayed by the actor, Mark Richard Hamill. In the series, Luke Skywalker was initially a farmer on Tatooine, who later becomes one of the greatest Jedi in the Star Wars universe. Fans have seen him fight during the Galactic Civil War, helped in founding the New Republic and the New Jedi Order, as well as in several adventures where fans loved him even more.

Throughout his life-threatening battles, Luke Skywalker has wielded his Lightsaber, who had shared quite his popularity. He used it in a lot of significant battles and a series of keeping the peace in the galaxy. As it was seen in the film series, Luke Skywalker had wielded a blue Lightsaber and even a red one. However, his green one does not have a clear history regarding when or how it was made.

The Origin of Luke Skywalker’s Green Lightsaber

Initially, Luke Skywalker used a blue Lightsaber that he wielded in the first two Star Wars original series. This blue Lightsaber was the same weapon that Anakin Skywalker used in the prequels, as well as the blade that Rey had wielded in the sequels. While most of the audiences have seen blue or red Lightsabers that Luke had used, his green Lightsaber also played an essential role in the Star Wars canon. It was not until in 1983’s The Return of Jedi that Luke debuted with a new green Lightsaber.

After losing his right hand and his blue Lightsaber on a battle against his father on Bespin, Luke was in need of a new Lightsaber. If we are to look in the Star Wars timeframe, he has likely forged his green Lightsaber towards the end of the event in The Return of Jedi. In 4ABY, the Star Wars canon explored a little more on the construction of Luke’s new green Lightsaber. It was revealed that the weapon was completed on a cave located on Tatooine, using the instructions on Obi-Wan’s journal.

Although there wasn’t much detail offered in the canon, the process was far more detailed in the Star Wars Legends in Shadow of the Empire. In there, Luke wrote his own account of steps he had gone through in building his saber. It also includes that he collected most of his materials from around Mos Eisley. Moreover, he made his own synthetic kyber crystal since they were in scarce supply. In making his new Lightsaber, it was stated that Luke took over a month to complete his weapon. However, as it was aforementioned, that isn’t from the canon.

Despite these, it was equally important that the sword had served its purpose as a weapon. In fact, Luke had used the sword in several fights, including the Mission to the Outer Rim, as well as on Battle of Endor.

What Happened to His Green Lightsaber After?

After declaring himself as a Jedi and after almost killing his own father, Luke threw his Lightsaber away. However, he later recovered it following the supposed death of the Emperor, although the weapon did not appear in the sequel trilogy. Unfortunately, the green Lightsaber only appeared in a flashback in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In there, Luke approached Ben Solo, his nephew, and a Padawan, after sensing the darkness in him. Out of instinct, Luke withdraw his Lightsaber, and Solo then thought that Luke was about to kill him. Consequently, he destroyed the temple they were at.

With this, some fans speculated that Luke’s green Lightsaber was probably recovered by R2-D2, after the events at the temple. But in the novelization of the Last Jedi, it was mentioned that the Caretakers on Ach-To had taken several of Luke’s possessions, along with his weapon. Nevertheless, it was not explicitly said whether the weapon was the Lightsaber or not. By means of this, it was reasonably safe to say that the Caretakers have kept the Lightsaber. Also, there were no mentions about the Lightsaber on the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.