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Few objects in the world of Arthurian mythology and medieval Welsh tales have the same kind of allure as the fabled sword Caladbolg. Caladbolg, whose name echoes power and effect, has made an enduring impression on the tapestry of medieval legend through his appearance in tales of heroes and wars. This sword is a representation of strength and resiliency thanks to its mysterious origins and the destiny-changing wielders who have possessed it. Join us as we explore the fascinating stories and rich history behind the famous Caladbolg.


Caladbolg, a name that evokes strength and force, is drawn from the depths of Arthurian stories and Celtic mythology. Even though its precise roots are still unknown, it is included in many old tales. According to some academics, the name itself translates to “hard cleft” or “hard blow,” emphasizing the fabled might of the blade. We investigate the various stories that depict Caladbolg’s creation and function as we enter the world of myth.

Heroes and the Sword: Wielders of Destiny

Caladbolg is held by famous heroes who alter the course of history throughout the sagas of the Arthurian legends. The fabled King Arthur, whose name alone conjures up ideas of bravery and chivalry, is one such figure. According to certain legends, Arthur uses Caladbolg to kill enemies with unmatched force, enhancing his status as a legendary character.

However, Arthur is not the only fighter who uses Caladbolg. Other well-known people who have used the sword include Lancelot and Cai. With tales of battles, conquests, and the never-ending conflict between good and evil, each hero’s contact with the sword ushers in a new chapter in the journey of the blade.

The Amazing Skills of Caladbolg

Caladbolg’s extraordinary qualities set it different from other weapons. The ability of the blade to effortlessly cut through iron and stone is mentioned throughout the stories. Its attacks are thought to be so powerful that they can completely alter the dynamics of a conflict. The simple idea that a blade could be so powerful beyond normal limits lends an aura of magic to the stories in which it appears.

The Cultural Impact of Caladbolg

Caladbolg’s influence is not limited to medieval literature. The sword continues to attract viewers in modern pop culture, where references to it can still be found. The sword’s ongoing significance is highlighted by the fact that it can be found in everything from books to movies, video games, and art. The persistence of mythical objects in influencing human imagination is demonstrated by the resonance of Caladbolg’s legend.


We find additional layers of symbolism woven into the weave of Caladbolg’s legend as we delve deeper into these enthralling tales. The unwavering power of the sword and its capacity to pierce even the greatest barriers inspire themes of resolve, heroism, and the victory of good over evil. Caladbolg emerges as a symbol of the strength and potential for greatness of the human soul as much as a physical weapon.



To understand how to use his strength, Fergus mac Róich used Caladbolg: The Rainbow Sword in his child form.

Caladbolg Caledfwlch

Fergus mac Róich uses Caledfwlch Caladbolg: Extreme – Rainbow Sword while he is in a child form.

Caladbolg II

The original Caladbolg was modified using Reinforcement to create the Fake Spiral Sword. Its appearance differs from the original, sporting a thinner drill blade and a hilt and handguard that resemble Excalibur’s instead of the thick blade and green handle of Fergus’s version. At some point in his life, Archer came into contact with the original sword, adding it to the many Noble Phantasms kept in Unlimited Blade Works and enabling him to modify it to enhance its performance as an arrow and match his fighting style. With the enhancements intended to utilize it as an A-rank Broken Phantasm, he envisions using it as an arrow rather than a sword.  He still only chants “Caladbolg” to activate it, even though it has been renamed with the “II” version of the Unlimited Blade Works incantation. The blade continues to twist during this process, lengthening and narrowing into a shape better suited for shooting. He thrusts it to puncture his opponent when using it as a close-combat weapon.

When the sword is discharged, the blade coils into a spiral that can pierce any target by twisting the surrounding area. It is strong enough to quickly defeat Caster’s magical defenses when shot at her simply because it was pointed intentionally at a distant location. Even if she had tried to teleport away from the onslaught, in Shirou’s opinion, she would have merely been twisted along with the space. It produces a massive explosion that can destroy and incinerate a cemetery after being stopped by Berserker.

Caladbolg III

Chloe von Einzbern uses a degraded version of Caladbolg II called Caladbolg III: The Fake-Fake Spiral Sword. It becomes more powerful and can pierce anything by twisting space after releasing its True Name.

Fergus My Love

One of Medb’s Noble Phantasms, My Dear Rainbow Sword, allows her to momentarily summon the magical sword Caladbolg, Fergus mac Róich’s Noble Phantasm. She launches the Heaven and Earth Sky Great Rotation, a sword of rainbow-like light, as a ranged attack with a graceful swing.

Fergus, My Good-Looking Brave

My Dear Boyfriend’s Rainbow Sword is a Noble Phantasm of Medb dressed as a bikini. Using as a weapon the magical sword Caladbolg (the noble phantasm of the hero Fergus, a lover of hers in a former life). She is capable of performing the discharge of True Name as if it were routine, yet it appears that she is exercising restraint in this situation. Even Queen Medb wouldn’t set off an earthquake in a fantastic vacation location—in fact, she wouldn’t because she is Queen Medb.

Nobody is certain if, similar to when she is a Rider, she materialized this as a result of the characteristics of her tales and legends about “taking possession of heroes” or whether she merely borrowed it from the Fergus at Chaldea. As anticipated, its potency has diminished compared to when Fergus utilizes it himself, but in exchange, its flexibility and adaptability have increased. Simply shaking it cutesy with a “hey” will quickly deploy a rainbow veil. The enemy soldiers who become Medb’s targets will likely be captured in a rainbow veil and made helpless in that ecstatic light, with no knowledge of what transpired.


Although it employs the design of Caladbolg II because it was created before the original Caladbolg made an appearance in Fate/Grand Order, Gilgamesh is depicted utilizing Caladbolg from the Gate of Babylon on Lancer in the Fate route of the Fate/Stay Night anime.


In the world of Arthurian mythology and medieval Welsh legends, the fabled sword Caladbolg is a mesmerizing symbol. Its attraction is woven into the fabric of epic sagas and tales of war and is founded in its memorable name and enduring impact. Caladbolg epitomizes strength and fortitude thanks to its enigmatic beginnings and the powerful heroes who wielded it. It has a lasting impact on both literature and contemporary pop culture. The legendary blade has endured as a symbol of strength and the triumph of good, reminding us of the enduring force of myth and the human spirit.

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