Key Things to Consider in Buying a New Television

Bigger doesn’t usually mean better when it comes to TVs, as there are several things that you need to look for to determine if the TV you are buying is going to be the best one for you while also being a bang for your buck.

Most people nowadays often associate the biggest television sets as being the best, but sometimes the parts inside these large TVs are not always high-quality. What’s the use of a big TV if the resolution is so blurry that you wouldn’t even be able to details in the person’s clothes that are appearing on the screen? Here are several tips and things to consider when buying a brand new television.

Flat Screen HD TV

OLED Screen TV

The OLED screen is arguably the best and most advanced type of TV screen today, and these notions are due to many reasons. One, the OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode allows the screen to use organic pixels to emit light on it and create an image when combined. These pixels enable better resolution for the TV as each of them represents a tiny portion for each image or video that you see on the screen.

Moreover, OLED screens won’t emit light on black portions of an image, which makes it more energy-efficient than the standard LED screen that activates all pixels at the same time regardless of what colors they are showing.

The drawback to buying TVs with OLED screens is that they can be quite expensive, but there are other screen options available that are more affordable than OLED but can deliver a resolution that is close to it. One of these options is the quantum dot screen, which uses a layer of quantum dots over LED pixels to produce colored images on the television. The combination of quantum dots and LED pixels creates a brighter and higher resolution image compared to your average LED TV.


If you want to use a television that can last for years and is up-to-date with the newest technology in today’s era, you should go and look for TVs that do not only have OLED or quantum dot but can also produce 4K HD resolution.

There are many TVs that have lower resolution than 4K, but you may notice that these are a lot less expensive than 4K TVs, that is because they are out of date and may not be able to reach the level of quality that video or movies today demand for them to be truly enjoyable to watch on the television.

TVs that have 4K resolution normally has 3840×2160 pixels, while Full-HD has 1920×1080 (1080p) and regular HD has 1280×720 (720p). For the best movie-watching experience, it is best that you save enough money to buy a 4K HD TV instead of settling with a 1080p Full-HD one.

120 Hz Refresh Rate

You should avoid TVs with lower refresh rates than 120 Hz, as those with slower refresh tend to have slower frame rates that result in slower movement. Although these frame rates and refresh rates are not noticeable while watching movies or television shows, the slow frame rates would be more apparent when you are playing video games.

Most video games today run at 60 frames per second, which is half of what the 120 Hz refresh rate can offer. Sometimes, games may exceed 60 fps and may go for up to 100 fps, so for the best gaming experience, it is better than that TV you use for this activity can keep up with the frames that the games show on the screen.

Smart TV

There was a time when TVs need DVD players to play movies or TV shows, but today, they don’t need those devices anymore as they can easily access the internet and go to Netflix, YouTube, and other online streaming services for you to watch something on the fly without the use of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray disks.

Smart TVs are becoming more popular nowadays because of their convenience, and many tech experts would recommend that everyone should buy at least one smart TV. However, the downside to smart TVs is that they are not affordable, and most smart TVs today are 4k HD and have OLED screens, so you won’t see smart TV going down in price anytime soon.

But there are special devices that you can insert into an HDMI input of your TV to turn it into a smart TV, and one of these devices is the Google Chromecast. The Chromecast allows people to cast or stream videos and apps that are showing on the smartphone or tablet connected to it. For example, if you open Netflix on your smartphone, you have the option to stream whatever movie or TV show you are watching on that device to the television using a Chromecast.

If you don’t have the budget to buy a smart TV, then you should opt for a 4K HD TV and just buy a Chromecast if you want to watch YouTube or Netflix on your television. If you are really in a tight budget, you can also get professional aerial TV installation in Poole, California or any other city you are located. They can help you get the best signal in the safest way possible.

Sound Bar

TVs nowadays are becoming thinner and thinner, and while a slim television can save a lot of space in your living room or movie room, its speakers tend to become smaller as well, resulting in poor sound quality.

For you to get the best sound quality out of the movie you are watching or the game you are playing on your TV, it is recommended that you buy a sound bar that offers virtual surround sound and dynamic bass response.

Sound bars are short and wide loudspeakers that can save more space in your TV rack than a regular set of large speakers. A sound bar is often located in front of the TV stand, and it may sometimes have a subwoofer that you need to place on the floor near your TV for the best bass.

Buying a new television that has an OLED screen, a 4K HD resolution, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and smart capabilities can really hurt your wallet. But you will not be able to truly enjoy your movie nights or game days if you are content with a TV that doesn’t offer all of these features. Also make sure you don’t forget getting the right help for your TV installation.  If you think that you still don’t have enough money to buy a 4K HD TV, then you should just save up more until you are able to purchase one.