J’onnJ’onzz the Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter is a comic book superhero created by Joseph Samachson and drawn by artist Joe Certa. The character first appeared in the American comic book ‘Detective Comics’ issue #225 published by DC Comics. In the series, J’onnJ’onzz of the planet Mars was brought inadvertently to Earth, where he became a hero under the name ‘Martian Manhunter.’

J’onnJ’onzz as the Martian Manhunter

J’onnJ’onzz is a manhunter and a peace authority figure of the planet Mars, on one of his versions of origin. He is well-trained in different skills such as telepathy, energy manipulation, shape-shifting, and has a strong detective’s mind with a heart of compassion. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest manhunter that has protected Mars for many years. However, in 1955, Dr. Saul Erdel, an Earth scientist, inadvertently pulled J’onzz from Mars to Earth during a secret experimentation with extraterrestrial technology.

The unexpected discovery of a seven feet high alien contributed to Dr. Erdel’s heart attack. With this, J’onzz was trapped with malfunctioning teleportation devices on a distant planet with no simple route home.While on Earth, J’onzz decided to spend his time helping others by maintaining the truth and justice, like he did so many years on Mars. Over the years, he took many forms and played many roles including, the detective, the diplomat, the spy, the corporate head, and J’onn, as the Martian Manhunter.

Nevertheless, the character and his backstory during this period differ from modern series in some minor and essential ways. First of all, J’onzz’s power spectrum is poorly defined, and his abilities grow with time as the plot demands. Aside from the pre-cognitive abilities, telepathy, flight, atomic vision, super-hearing, and several other skills easily followed. More specifically, there is no hint in this version that Mars is a dead planet or that the character is the last of its species.

In the New 52 release of Martian Manhunter, the Martians are a telepathic alien race that lives harmoniously with one another. However, as J’onzz returned, he found that the paradise he knew was burned with nothing left but ashes. Standing in the ruins of his known paradise, J’onzz took the name “Manhunter,” and went searching for the culprit.

Superpowers and Abilities

Martian Manhunter is a skilled crime fighter and combatant. When he came to Earth, he has shown expertise in detective work and later on became a detective under the name Detective John Jones. Martian Manhunter has extremely high logical and reasoning skills, which he adds to his detective expertise and gives him high diplomatic skills. Also, he has proven to be empathic and understanding of human feelings and behavior.Often in times of crisis and personal adversity, J’onzz has given his fellows extremely wise advice. He is also reportedly able to evaluate situations and see which circumstances are of intellectual importance and which are worthy of fighting. Nevertheless, he had never hesitated to battle his enemies ruthlessly when he decided that it’s worthy of using force.

Martian Manhunter has powers and abilities common to every Martian but proves to be the most powerful in his race. This is mostly because of his training as Martian Manhunter and his years as Earth’s hero.

Here are some of his known superpowers:

Super Strength: Martian Manhunter has energy similar to Superman and is one of Earth’s greatest heroes. He was able to push one of Brainiac’s ships and was able to shatter the moon using his strength.

Invulnerability: The durability of J’onzz allowed him to withstand the moon’s destruction without any scratch. He has shown his ability to densify his body to increase his durability or his resistance against gasses or chemical agents in the past.

Flight: Martian Manhunter’s maneuverability and speed are almost comparable to Superman’s.

Stamina:His endurance and strength are superhuman. He can last without food, rest, or air for long periods of time. Also, he could fly long distances in space and fight long battles without exhaustion.

Regeneration: From almost any injury, J’onzz can recover quickly. Also, if his body is broken into several parts, his regeneration powers may rebuild his body. In addition, his regenerative abilities allowed him to replicate his body and even develop a new body from a severed body part in just a few seconds.

Shape-Shifting:Martian Manhunter has a comprehensive shape-shifting ability that derived from complete control over his molecular structure. He can take whatever shape he wants, sometimes taking Detective John Jones’ human form. In the comic series, it has been revealed that he can also adapt the powers and weaknesses of every being he turns into. As well as that, he can also shape forms of living, extinct, or imagined species and often has demonstrated that he can create an additional pair of arms. He may be as rigid or as fluid and flexible as he likes. He may also adjust his height and his limbs’ size and length.