Jessica Jones

Jessica Campbell Jones is one of the fictional heroes, published under Marvel Comics. Created by Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, Jessica Jones is one of the dark and mysterious Marvel’s superheroes existed.

Jessica Jones’ Superhuman Abilities

After surviving a car collision from a truck bearing chemicals, Jessica spends several months in a comma. Her family was not lucky enough to survive, so Jessica became an orphan. The Jones family then adopted her. Later in her story, she then found out that she possessed powerful abilities. On the Alias comic series, Jones’ possessed superhuman strength and could lift police car with a weight of two-tons. She could also lift a giant and throw him on a short distance. Aside from strength, Jones’ could also fly and can use a mind block control. Jones’ powers also allow her to resist from harm. However, this does not guarantee her safety from injury. On the comic series, she had received a broken nose, a damaged neck and spine, and several injuries after being attacked by the enemies.

Comic Appearances

Jessica Jones first appeared on Marvel MAX’s Alias #1 in November 2001. It was a comic series written by Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, while David Mack, an artist, mostly drew the covers. ‘Alias’ comic series was a twenty-eight comic series that ran from 2001 up to 2003. According to the writer, Michael Bendis, the Alias was supposedly for Jessica Drew, the Spider Woman. However, they decided to change the star on the Alias comic series. Subsequently, in 2004, after seeing the certain limitations under the MAX imprint, the creators moved the characters on ‘The Pulse.’ These comic book series were published by Marvel Comics, from where the story of Jessica Jones was moved.

From 2010 to 2013, Jessica Jones had appeared on the New Avengers series from issue #1 to issue #34. In addition, Jones also cast as Peter Parker’s senior in Ultimate Spider-Man comic issue #106.

Jessica Jones on Alias Series

After being inspired by Spider-Man, Jones was wanted to use her powers for good. She adopted her Alias of ‘Jewel’ and got herself a costume. Jones has a genuinely uneventful hero profession until she mediates in aggravation at a café, including Zebediah Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man. Killgrave utilizes his power of brain control to put Jones under his order, mentally tormenting her and driving her to help his criminal plans.

Killgrave sends Jones to go to the Avengers Mansion to kill Daredevil. However, Jones was saved by Carol Danvers, an Avenger who knows her. Jones then was sent to Jean Gray, an X-Men, for a psychic therapy. Jean Grey puts a mental command in Jones’ subconscious to shield her from brain control. However, Due to her mind’s traumatic experience with Killgrave, she was depressed and gave up the life being a costumed superhero.

She met Luke Cage, a superhero, through a fight with a crime syndicate and the supervillain, Owl. Cage and Jones then developed a friendship that later on became a committed relationship, as Jones became pregnant. After quitting the superhero life, Jones put up her private detective agency.

Jessica Jones on the Pulse Series

Jones joins the staff of the ‘Daily Bugle’ as a hero correspondent and advisor and withdraws from the investigator’s business. However, Jones was pregnant when the Green Goblin assaulted her after the Bugle announced that his secret identity is Norman Osborn. Accordingly, Cage fights back, and Osborn was detained. Jones then leaves the Bugle after J. Jonah Jameson utilizes the paper to spread the New Avengers identity. Later on the series, Jones gave birth to their child, whom they name, Danielle.

Jessica Jones in Marvel Heroic Age

During the Marvel’s Heroic Age, in the comic series #8, Jessica changed her alias from Jewel to Power Woman. Jessica, along with Danielle, goes into hiding following the incidents of Thule Society attacking Avengers Mansion and Osborn’s threat.Jessica later became an ally to the Mighty Avengers, formed by Luke Cage. After leaving the Avenger’s Mansion, Jessica and Danielle lived in the apartment of the Gem Theater, an operation base of Avengers.

Jessica Jones TV Series

Jessica Jones is an American TV series released in November 2015. This TV series is created by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the Marvel comic series with the same name.

As a child, Jessica was involved in a car accident that resulted in her parents’ death. After waking up from a coma, Jessica Jones was adopted by Dorothy Walker. Jessica encountered Kilgrave and was put under his control. While she was manipulated, she kills Luke Cage’s wife, Reva Connors. As a result of Killgrave’s manipulation, she experiences post-traumatic stress disorder.

On Women’s Day, season 2 of Jessica Jones’ Netflix series was released in March 2018. In this season, Jessica Jones takes on new cases following the events of her encounter with Killgrave. Jessica Jones Season 2 was produced by Marvel Television together with ABC Studios and Tall Girls Productions.