Jack Boniface: The Shadowman

Shadowman (also known as Jack Boniface) is among the superheroes published and first appeared in comics. He debuted in Valiant comic’s Shadowman #1 in May 1992, which sold about USD 5.3 million and eighty issues published. The comic series of Shadowman was translated into different languages, including Italian, Norwegian, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese.

Shadowman: Comics to Video Game

Shadowman was originally written by Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart, and Mike Manley, an artist. This fictional superhero was published in May 1992 under Valiant comics. Since its release, Shadowman’s comic series had sold about a hundred thousand copies a month. However, in 1996, Acclaim Entertainment bought Valiant Comics for USD 65 million. Acclaim Entertainment, an American video game developer, then released a new Shadowman (changed to ‘Shadow Man’) series under the banner of Acclaim Comics.

Subsequently, Acclaim Entertainment focused on preparing Shadow Man as a video game. In 1999, Shadow Man was released as a game format for Nintendo 64, Playstation, and PC. This had received huge popularity and positive commercial response. Following the release of the first Shadow Man game, ‘Shadow Man: 2econd Coming,’ came out as a sequel in 2002. Aside from the game sequel, the company released comic book series related to the story of the first Shadow Man video game. As a result, over two million copies were sold and million-dollar revenue was gained by Acclaim Entertainment. Some of the notable persons who worked for the Shadowman storylines and characters were: Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics), Jim Shooter (former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics), and Frank Miller (Co-director of Sin City). Also, with the participation of the comic artists at writers, namely, Fabian Nicieza, Jim Starlin, Walt Simonson, David Lapham, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Bob Layton.

Due to the booming popularity of Shadowman, it has been transferred to different mediums other than the video games and comics that already existed. Posters, trading cards, apparel, jewelry, and many other collectibles had emerged during Shadowman’s hype. Despite the success, in 2004, the Acclaim Entertainment shut down because of multiple lawsuits charged against the company. After the company shut down, former CEO of Valiant Entertainment, Dinesh Shamdasani, and Jason Kothari bought the rights to the characters. The two began publishing again in the year 2012. However, in 2018, DMG Entertainment took Valiant Entertainment and acquired full ownership.

Shadowman Character Profile

Shadowman, also known as Jack Dominique Boniface, is the son of Sarah and Josiah Boniface. Jack is a young man with a supernatural ability given by a Shadow Loa, a powerful voodoo spirit. A Shadow Loa was known as a spirit that was passed down from bloodlines. The person who bonded with the Shadow Loa will become the Shadowman, the protector of the living and the dead.

Jack is also a jazz player in ‘The Coven.’ It is a group that studies the mystic arts and manipulates necromantic energy used to defeat Master Darque. As a Shadowman, Jack Boniface is also working with the secret supernatural organization called the ‘Abettors.’ He is fighting the demons and spirits as well as protecting the world from the world’s most powerful necromancer known as Master Darque.

Supernatural Abilities granted by the Shadow Loa:

– Night Vision

-Reduced fear

– Strength

– Enhanced endurance and reflexes

– Regeneration/ Regenerative healing

– Voodoo power

– Gliding skills

– Portal Control: Passage to the Deadside

– Summoning the undead

– Monster manipulation


  • – Scythe of the Shadow
  • – Amulet
  • – Ring of Solomon

Jack Dominique Boniface, faced a lot of danger in protecting the world of the living and the world of the dead. Here are some of the newly published Shadowman’s Series:

Stalinverse (2017)

In Divinity III: Stalinverse, Jack lived in New Orleans. He was using the loa-granted superpowers to protect his family against the invading army. However, a superhuman Russian named Aric, defeated him. Jack was then forced to join the Soviet Army as their weapon.

 Fear the Dark (2018)

Born as an orphaned that grew up to a foster father, Jack was raised not knowing his place in this world. Little did he know that he came from the lineage of the Shadowmen that would protect the world against the demons and spirits.

For so many years, Jack was struggling to control the murderous powers the Shadow of loa had given him. However, after the years of exile, he’ll return more powerful and terrifying than before.

Dead and Gone (2018)

For many years, Jack thought he knew the Shadow loa’s story, the curse inside him. This time, Jack would uncover the truth behind the story of the supernatural birthright given to their lineage.