Is Sweating While Sleeping Normal? Everything You Need To Know For Sweat Free Nights

Many people sweat while they sleep. While it is common, you shouldn’t accept night sweating as your new normal. While some forms of night sweats can be linked to a medical problem, other times, sweating too much in the night is a result of a hot bedroom. Upgrading to the best rated mattress, giving some cooling sheets a try, and making small diet and lifestyle changes can reduce sweats and help you sleep better.

What are night sweats

The term night sweats refer to excessive sweating during sleep. When the body sweats in the night, it is an indication that the temperature of the body is too high for rest.

Increased body temperature can negatively impact the sleep cycle, which means the mind and body are not experiencing the best sleep possible.

Some instances of night sweats are related to medical issues such as perimenopause and menopause hot flashes, infections, and symptoms of medications.

Other causes of night sweats relate to the bedroom environment. People who experience night sweats should consider investing in cooling bed sheets, a cooling mattress, and try hacks to keep the room temperature neutral.

Sleep hacks to reduce night sweats naturally

There are natural ways to help reduce night sweats. Maintaining healthy body weight by eating healthy foods, minimizing alcohol consumption, exercising at least 2 hours before bedtime are all things that can help keep the body cooler before bed.

Unhealthy foods can often cause the temperature of the body to increase due to bad fats and sugars. Alcohol before bed can also increase sweating in the night. While alcoholic beverages can help people fall asleep faster from time to time, it’s not a sustainable solution. Reducing alcohol can go a long way in assisting people to sleep cool.

Exercising too close to bedtime is another reason why some people sweat throughout the night. Going to bed with a high heart and a hot body can cause sweat leading to overheating in the bed. Working out at least 2 hours before bedtime can reduce the temperature of the body and bedroom and decrease the likelihood of night sweats.

Cooling bedding and mattresses to help with night sweats

As well as watching what you eat and changing life habits, another natural way to reduce night sweats is to pay attention to bedding and your bedroom furniture. The surface you sleep on is important as some mattress trap heat, which can cause sweltering nights. Sheets and other bedding should also be selected with coolness in mind.

Best mattress to help with night sweats

Some types of mattresses do not circulate air well, which makes them hot, and not suitable for all seasons. The best mattress for cooling is a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are porous, which means they are breathable, allowing air to flow through the layers.

Cooling mattresses are often rated the best-rated mattress for hot sleepers. There are many types of cooling mattresses when you are shopping around to ensure you read online reviews. You’ll be able to get a fair idea of how other hot sleepers feel about the cooling properties of the mattress you have your eyes set on.

Best cooling bed sheets

As well as a cooling base, what you cover your mattress with can also help reduce the effects of night sweats. If you have a cooling mattress but then use hot bedding such as a flannel sheet, the bed will remain hot.

Using cooling bed sheets to cover a breathable mattress promotes better airflow and helps to regulate temperatures when it’s both hot and cold.

The best cooling bed sheets are made from bamboo. Bamboo fibers are not only naturally hypoallergenic, but they are cool to the touch and incredibly soft. Hot sleepers and people who continuously experience night sweats should give bamboo bedding a try. Many swear by it!

If night sweats are a problem, you should always know a solution is possible. As well as visiting your doc, try home hacks like making adjustments to your diet and trialing a new mattress and bedding. You might find sweat free nights are within your reach.