Introducing the Green Destiny Sword from the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

China has been one of the countries that were recognized worldwide for its long history of forging swords. Most commonly, the Chinese were known for crafting swords that feature a double-edged blade. There are several types of traditional Chinese swords, such as Dao, the single-edged Chinese swords, Jian, the double-edged straight sword, and many others.

With that, in this article, we will be dealing with another Chinese sword. This sword was called the Green Destiny, and it was featured in the Chinese film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

What is the Green Destiny?

The Green Destiny was a sword that was first featured in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2000. It was a film directed by Ang Lee, based on a Chinese novel written by the author Wang Dulu. The film also featured international actors and actresses, including Donald Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Chang Chen, and Zhang Ziyi. In the film set in the 18th century of the Qing Dynasty, Green Destiny is a legendary green sword that was wielded by Li MuBai, a warrior. If you want to know more about the setting of the film, read our article, Learn About the Rise and Fall of the Qing Dynasty, One of the Largest Dynasties of Imperial China.

Subsequently, in the 2016 Netflix Series, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, the Green Destiny was again featured. This film was directed by Yuen Woo-ping and is the sequel of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). In this film, eighteen years later, Shu Lien emerged from her retirement. She then assembled a group of fighters to protect the Green Destiny sword against the warlord and his clan.

 What Does the Sword Look Like?

The Green Destinyis a doubled-edge Chinese straight sword with a length of about 38 to 40 inches, including its hilt. Also, as its name denotes, it is a sword that was mostly colored in green. It has a green curved sword’s guard, as well as a green pattern that runs along its silver blade. However, its hilt is brown with a golden décor in it. This weapon most commonly looks like a long Chuan swordthat has an elegant and elite style.

The Green Destiny in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Film

After the warrior, Mu Bai, retired, he asked Shu Lien to give his Green Destiny sword to their benefactor, Sir Te, who is in Beijing. While in Beijing, Shu Lien made an acquaintance with Jade Fox, the woman who killed Mu Bai’s mentor. Also, she met Jen Yu, the daughter of Governor Yu. Later that night, a masked thief broke into Sir Te’s property and stole the Green Destiny. Soon after that, Mu Bai arrived in Beijing and learned that his sword was stolen. When Shu Lien, Mu Bai, and Sir Te’s servants traced the theft, it leads them to Governor Yu’s compound where Jade Fox was hiding.

Later in the film, it was revealed that it was Princess Jen Yu who stole the sword and that she was secretly studying martial arts under Jen Fox’s guidance. During that time, Jen has surpassed Fox when it comes to skills. After the fight between Shu Lien and Jen Yu, Mu Bai then offered her to be his student. Jen Yu then gave Mu Bai a condition and told him to retrieve the sword from her in three moves. Mu Bai got the sword in one move, but Jen Yu still rejected Mu Bai’s offer. With that, Mu Bai throws the sword in the fall, and Jen Yu dives after the weapon. She was subsequently saved by Fox, who puts her into a drugged sleep.

Afterward, Mu Bai and Shu Lien found Fox in a cavern where she hid Jen Yu. Fox then attacked Shu Lien and Mu Bai. Although Mu Bai was able to mortally wounded Fox, he was hit with a poison dart in the neck. Before Fox eventually died, she had confessed that her goal was to kill Jen Yu since she had hidden the Wudang’s fighting technique from her.

Jen Yu leaves to find an antidote, while Mu Bai prepared himself to die. On his last breath, he confessed his love for Shu Lien. Jen Yu arrived, but she was too late, for Mu Bai already died in the arms of Shu Lien. Following his death, his Green Destiny sword was turned to Sir Te’s possession. However, Jen turned to the spiritual path and chose to jump off Wudan Mountain.