How to use screen mirroring on your Mi LED TV

While tech circles are increasingly being dominated by smartphones, only a few offer the luxury of TV watching. Not only does a TV screen give more detailed, crisp displays, but it also boosts the audio quality at a relaxed distance. Today, models such as Mi LED TVs allow you to connect your smartphone to the TV, so you can enjoy parallel video streaming or gaming with just a few taps on your smartphone. Called screen mirroring, it is one of the most highly-coveted features in the market for devices and gadgets.

Screen mirroring is, in a few words, your smartphone or tablet screen writ large. While it is most commonly used in professional settings for presentations, meetings or conducting lectures, it can also be used for entertainment purposes. Love high-quality graphics gaming? Screen mirroring can level up your experience significantly. Simply connect your headset, play with multiple players and enjoy world-class gaming with your Mi LED TV!

Why choose a 32-inch LED TV?

In the market for gadgets and devices, a 32-inch LED TV option is often the most convenient one. That is due to its compact size and frame, which can be easily accommodated in a small part of your living or bedroom. Today, most 32-inch TVs come with an array of features that are impressive, latest and user-friendly. Moreover, for most brands, the 32 inch LED TV price is often the win-win factor while making the purchase.

Can You Use Screen Mirroring with the Mi LED TV?

With the latest TV options such as the Mi LED TV, you can easily connect your smartphone or tablet, and make use of the screen mirroring feature to enjoy high-end graphics. The process to sync your primary device with the LED TV is simple, and you can make use of any of the following channels:

HDMI: The high-definition multimedia interface, or the HDMI as it is commonly known, allows you to sync any device with the LED TV with a cable that you can plug into the respective port. As soon as you are plugged in, you should be able to view your phone screen on your TV screen. However, you would need an external device – namely the HDMI-to-Android adaptor for this to work.

Miracast: Based on direct Wi-Fi technology, Mircast is a wireless feature that supports your device-to-TV sync with minimal effort. If both your smartphone and TV support Mircast, you can simply go to your smartphone settings, turn on screen mirroring, and enjoy movies and videos on your LED TV.

Screen mirroring apps: Apps such as Nokia Beamer allow you to connect your device to the LED TV without needing wires or Mircast support. You only need high-speed and stable internet connectivity to be able to stream your phone content on the TV.

Which Devices Support Screen Mirroring?

You can have an iPhone, Android phone, Windows laptop or even MacBooks to sync them with your Mi LED TV seamlessly and enjoy screen mirroring. Some of the tips that you can follow are given below.

For iPhone or MacBook users: On the Mi LED TV, download and install the AirPlay/DLNA Receiver(PRO) app. You can now go to your iPhone control centre, switch on the ‘screen mirroring’ icon and click on your TV name. For this purpose, it is essential to connect to a wireless internet source such as Wi-Fi. The same app can be used to mirror your MacBook as well. Simply tap on the Air-play icon of your Macbook, go to the drop-down options, choose your TV name and enjoy your Macbook functions on your TV!

For Android Phone or Windows laptop users: Android phone users have the advantage of using Miracast. On your Mi LED TV, you can go to the ‘Apps’ section and choose ‘More.’ Select the ‘Wireless Screen Sharing’ option, and you will get redirected to the Miracast feature. In your phone settings, you can switch on the ‘cast’ option, and choose your TV name to sync. With your Windows laptop, you can press the ‘Windows key + P’ and connect your laptop and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

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