How to Pick the Perfect Mattress

Sleeping is one of the most important activities that we do every day. Without proper sleep, we wouldn’t have enough energy for other activities and tasks, so getting good sleep is just as important as eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sleeping also allows our body to recover, especially after a day of vigorous exercise or physical activities.

In order for us to achieve good sleep, we must have a good mattress to sleep on. A mattress that is made from low-quality materials can usually be too soft or too stiff, and this could lead to body aches and loss of sleep. So, how do we get a good mattress? And what should we look for? To know the answers, here are some tips on how to pick the perfect mattress.

Check Out Reviews Online

One of the fastest ways to pick a great mattress in a box is to read or watch reviews online.  You can get these reviews from video streaming platforms like YouTube or review websites like and others that are dedicated to providing honest and reliable reviews for the newest and most popular products.

By checking reviews, you will have every bit of information you need about different mattresses, like their size, firmness, and comfortability. Reading or watching reviews would also take you only a few minutes to finish, so doing this is much faster compared to inspecting mattresses one by one. Reading informative blogs from reputed sites like dreamerry is also helpful.

Choose What Type of Mattress to Buy

mattress on a bed frame

There are different types of mattresses for you to choose from, and each of these types offers its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the most common types of mattresses you should know about.


The innerspring mattresses have springs or coils inside the foam, which provides support and bounciness for the body. While the innerspring mattress is enjoyed by people that like to have bouncy mattresses, those who want proper body support and pressure relief may not enjoy this type of mattress. But, if you don’t have the budget to buy other types of mattresses, the innerspring mattress may be the best choice for you since it is the most affordable.

Memory Foam

One of the most popular mattress types you can buy today is the memory foam mattress, and its popularity is mainly attributed to the comfort and support it provides. The memory foam utilizes the pressure and heat from your body to form itself to your body’s exact shape, so your spine is properly aligned when you lie down on a memory foam mattress.

So, when you sleep on memory foam mattresses, you would experience little to no body aches while sleeping or upon waking up. The downside to memory foam mattresses is that they absorb heat quickly, so they may feel warm and may be uncomfortable to sleep in during hot weather or temperatures.


This mattress material is firmer compared to memory foam, although it provides almost the same support for your body. Latex mattresses are often made from organic materials, so they may be the perfect choice for people that want to have more environmentally-friendly products. The drawback to latex mattresses is they can be pricey, and they are often more expensive than memory foam mattresses.


Instead of springs, the airbed has air chambers inside it that act as its support system. What’s great about airbeds is that most of them have a pump that can be controlled by a remote controller or through a smartphone app, and this pump can then add or remove air to add firmness or bounciness to the mattress.

In addition, you can also set the right and left sides of the airbed to have different firmness levels, so this mattress is great for couples that prefer different support and firmness for their bed. However, the downside to the airbed is that it is not as durable as other types of mattresses, so you just have to be careful on using this mattress if you want it to last long.

Select a Firmness Level Based on Your Preferred Sleeping Positions

a woman sleeping on her side

The different types of mattresses would usually have different kinds of firmness, so you may need to choose one based on your preference. In order to have an easier time choosing, you should just pick a firmness level based on your preferred sleeping positions, as these will determine how comfortable the mattress is when you are lying on your back, on your side, or on your stomach. Here are the different sleeping positions and the best firmness level for them.

  • Back Sleeping – for back sleepers, medium firmness is the most comfortable. The medium firmness level provides the best support for your spine if you like sleeping on your back.
  • Stomach Sleeping – those who like to sleep on their stomach would have a more comfortable time sleeping with a mattress with a firm or medium firm level of firmness. The pressure points on your back would be in a healthy position with a firmer mattress.
  • Side Sleeping – we recommend mattresses with soft to medium firmness for people that prefer sleeping on their sides. The levels we have mentioned would allow your spine to still be properly aligned, as a firmer mattress may force your spine to be in a curved position.

Pick a Firmness Level Based on Your Body Type

Besides sleeping positions, you should also think about your body type whenever you are shopping for mattresses. Heavier body types may need a much firmer mattress to have proper spine alignment, while lighter body types require softer mattresses to balance out their weight with the firmness of the bed.

Choosing a firmness level based on body type can be quite difficult if you don’t try lying down on the mattresses you like to buy. So, purchasing online for mattresses can be challenging for a lot of people. But, if you want to base your body type on your weight, there are online guides that can help you determine which mattresses are suitable for specific weights.

And these are the best tips we can provide to people that are having a difficult time for the perfect mattress. Follow the tips we have offered above so that you’ll have an easier and faster time choosing the most suitable and most comfortable mattress for you.