How R&D is being augmented with artificial intelligence?

Global developments require global approaches. Such important areas of human life as finance, security, healthcare  require the collection and careful analysis of big data. Increasingly, for this purpose, artificial intelligence is being  applications and software. AI research and development method allows you to achieve the best results in a shorter time frame.

How does R&D affect the speed of AI and machine learning-driven application development?

Implementing artificial intelligence is an expensive and complex process. But if you compare costs with current ones, then as a result of using AI, companies save budget. This is because the use of machine learning allows for more accurate data analysis. At the next stage, the company receives more accurate forecasts and, accordingly, fewer failed projects. This situation is very noticeable in the example of pharmaceutical brands, which are forced to abandon about half of all developments due to their low final efficiency. The embedded artificial intelligence works much more accurately with the estimation of forecasts. Moreover, the longer such a system works, the more accurate its predictions.

How does artificial intelligence work and what bonuses does it provide?

Various types of artificial intelligence successfully interact with each other. For example, a human speech recognition program can easily connect to an online translator for many languages. It is also interesting that the system, with certain settings, can perceive any types of information:

  • structured and unstructured;
  • Public and private;
  • Symbolic, graphic, sound, video and so on.

What are the challenges in implementing the AI ​​R&D approach?

There are drawbacks in all new directions. One of the main problems is the lack of truly highly qualified specialists. The next point, some experts call the ethical point. How legitimate is it to collect user data? This issue can be resolved using the privacy policy and the detailed user agreement.


It is necessary to implement the Research and Development approach at all stages of creating a software product or system. Machine learning is so far advanced that it can not only predict based on available data, but also analyze fictional scenarios. The combination of inductive and deductive methods makes it possible to give very accurate estimates of current events and, on this basis, predict possible future scenarios. By skipping one or more stages of development, a business increases risks. Given the complexity of working with big data, there is no point in such risks.