How Can I Switch Ignition Interlock Device Providers?

If you are saddled with an ignition interlock due to a drunk driving conviction, you definitely know that any sort of interruption in transition is negative.

But what happens when you want to change interlock device providers? Here is a simple how-to guide. By the way, get your California Ignition Interlock here.

Tips to Keep In Mind Before Embarking On the Process

As you might have guessed, the entire process has some rules that must be strictly followed. There are also some pieces of information that you should have.


  1. Know that when you change your ignition interlock provider, you will need to uninstall your device.
  2. Before anything is done, the courts must be notified. You must also get across to your probation officer as well as your reporting agency and DMV.
  3. There might be a punishment assigned for a lapse when it comes to submitting your data if you cannot schedule “back-to-back” appointments. If there are, you must be aware of it.
  4. During the process of changing ignition interlock providers, there will be a point where your car has no ignition interlock provider installed. Do not drive your car during this period. It doesn’t matter how short the distance is or if it is to the courts or even to the new ignition interlock provider. Do not drive your car

With all of this in mind, you can move on to the next step.

How to Switch Ignition Interlock Device Providers

Start here:

STEP ONE: Carry out your research.

In simple terms, you are to research the approved interlock vendors in your state.

Think about it:

You don’t want to have to do this process twice so you have to carry out proper research so you can pick the right ignition interlock provider for yourself.

STEP TWO: Contact the authorities

Depending on your state, there likely is a list of authorities that you must contact before doing anything. However, the first step is to contact your state monitoring authority. They can easily let you know who else to contact and inform you of the rules of your state.

You will be asked for your chosen ignition interlock providers. If you actually researched, you should have no problems at this stage.

STEP THREE: Schedule a removal.

Before a new one is installed, the current one must be removed. The first step is to contact your current ignition interlock provider and schedule a removal time.

STEP FOUR: Pencil it in

Now, contact your chosen service provider and schedule the switch. To be safe, ask the company if you are required to do anything else.

What to Look For In An Ignition Interlock Provider

Although ignition interlocks are a lot of stress, you can pick the provider that you want.

Best of all:

Some providers feature special perks to help you choose easily here are some top features:

Ease of use: Whichever ignition interlock provider you choose should be easy to use. This means that it should be easy to activate and read- even in the dark. It should also be easy to install.

Payment setup: Some ignition interlock providers offer amazing payment plans that make it easy for users to afford them. Be sure to check the payment plans before committing.

Customer service: If something goes wrong, it is important that you are able to contact your ignition interlock provider and get help. Read reviews about the customer service before paying.

Efficiency: The aim is to pay your dues and encounter as few problems as possible with your ignition lock. If your lock isn’t efficient, it won’t be so easy. Be sure to get an efficient ignition interlock provider to avoid extra costs down the line.

Final Thoughts

Although ignition interlocks are stressful, you are saddled with them. It is best to do your time so you can move on with the lessons that the experience has given.