Here Are 3 Important Lessons We Can Learn from Our Favorite Celebrities

Let’s face it: Most pop stars are freaks of nature. And I’m pretty certain nature wouldn’t claim some of them. They are eccentric, egotistical, and capricious. Prima donna doesn’t begin to describe them. One wonders if that is what they developed into, or whether they were born that way. Science will probably never know. They will also never know why we like to watch them do what they do and be as they are. Whether intentional or not, their lives are public performances. So while we’re watching, we might as well learn a few things in the process.

Much of what we learn will be negative lessons, which is to say, things we ought not to do and ways we ought not to be. That also works if it serves to make us better people. Once in a rare while, there are celebs that flip the script and live out reasonably normal lives. They are people for whom we do not have to feel bad about cheering. We can go to their concerts, bring the kids, and not feel like we need a hot shower to wash away the experience. Every publicly-lived life teaches us something if we are willing to learn. Download starstudded to explore the live of verified celebrity figures. These are a few important lessons we can learn from our favorite stars:

Life Is Unpredictable

No one expected Kobe Bryant to die at age 41. Unlike a lot of people who die young, he wasn’t doing anything particularly stupid. He wasn’t known for having the kind of habits that often culminate in an early death. And he was well-loved by everyone. He had a great family and everything for which to live. His death is rightfully considered a tragedy.

Of all the things he taught us, his most important one might be a reminder of the grim reality that life is unpredictable and often much too short. Kobe would have had no problem getting life insurance as he was one of the healthiest people the world had ever produced. If you were not born with his physical gifts, you might need one of those no medical exam term life insurance policies that financially protect the people you leave behind in the event life’s cruel unpredictability strikes. The world of celebrities is teeming with examples of this kind of unpredictability. But it makes more of an impact when it is one of the good guys. The world has too few of those.

Your Reputation Is Worth Protecting

Michael Jackson’s impact on pop culture is undeniable. His talent was indisputable. His legend will be eternal. But none of that changes the fact that his reputation will always be tarnished. And no amount of historical rewrites and retrospectives will change that. This is not about innocence or guilt. It is about reputation. There will always be an asterisk beside his name, which will never again be spoken of in the same way by many people.

The lesson is to protect your reputation, because, in the end, it is all you have. A tarnished reputation does not only hurt you, it hurts your family, your friends, and even your business. Your damaged reputation will also damage your brand. The good news is that some very good reputation repair services can mitigate a lot of the damage. No one should have to suffer forever for a single mistake. We all make them. But we should be reminded that even celebrities have to guard their reputation.

Mental Health Is a Problem for Everyone

Being a royal is a special kind of celebrity that can often be used for dubious purposes. Instead, Prince William decided to use his celebrity to bring greater awareness of mental illness. Initially, it was not a move that was openly appreciated by the royal family. While it may not have been an easy topic to bring to light, we can be grateful for that move because he made it a lot easier for us to talk about a problem shared by many and acknowledged by few. We all have struggles that we face and we need to be aware of all of the resources and help available. Now more than ever, it is so important for our favorite celebrities to speak up and bring awareness to the importance of mental health.

There is so much that we can learn from celebrities. They show us just how unpredictable life is, the value in protecting your reptation, and the importance of speaking about mental health.