Helpful Tips to Improve Meeting Experience in Microsoft Teams

Teams stimulate and facilitate cooperation and communication among colleagues. For many of us, meetings form an essential part of working as a team effectively, even distant apart with growing apps without a hitch throughout the day. More than 20 applications released in meetings ensure work outcome, engaging team discussions, and presentations shared at scheduled times. To plan an online or in-person meet, always ensure that the call’s purpose is predefined and pointers prepared to reflect the need of an invite and to whom. Always try considering the difference in time zones and work hours into account before any call across borders. In this article, I have shared helpful tips to improve meeting experience in Microsoft Teams and before we head further, let’s take a good example of it. If you use ‘Scheduling Assistant” in Outlook, you will be aware of invitee availability for a team meeting and avoid conflict in the calendar. Scroll down to learn more about clever tips for making your session worth attending, and not forget to enroll for online ‘Microsoft Teams Training.’

Useful settings available in Microsoft Teams

Organization-wide settings

External access (join Teams meetings): external access allows you to use Teams with users outside the organization. Also, it enables you to chat, add users to meetings and platform audio/video conferencing with people from outside your organization or Skype for business users.

Guest access (being part of a Team and collaborate in it): Guest access in Teams allows people to work together in Teams and channels. People from outside the organization cannot participate in Teams and Channels to collaborate.

Email integration – allows people to send an email to a Teams channel and have the contents of the email displayed in the conversations for all team members to view.

Files – determine the file sharing and cloud file storage options for the Files tab.

Organization – allows Teams users to see others in their organizational hierarchy.

Private channels – will enable people to create focused spaces for collaboration within your teams for a sunset of team members.


  • Owners can delete sent messages
  • Users can delete sent messages
  • Users can edit sent messages
  • Remove users from group chats
  • Read receipts
  • Char
  • Allow URL previews
  • Allow users to translate messages
  • Allow immersive reader for viewing messages
  • Users can send priority notifications
  • Voice message creation
  • On mobile, display favorite channels above recent chats


  • General
    • Allow ‘meet now’
    • Allow Outlook add-in
    • Allow Channel meeting scheduling
    • Allow scheduling a private meeting
  • Audio & Video
    • Allow transcription
    • Allow cloud recording
    • Allow IP Video
  • Content sharing
    • Screen sharing mode
    • Allow a participant to give or request control
    • Allow an external participant to give or request control
    • Allow PowerPoint sharing
    • Allow whiteboard
    • Allow shared notes
  • Participants & Guests
    • Allow people that dial in to start a meeting
    • Automatically admit people
  • Conferencing via Teams Live meeting
    • Allow scheduling
    • Allow transcription for attendees
    • Recording setting

Have a breather from meetings with Breakthru

Breakthru is a new application in Microsoft Teams that takes care of its users by providing a 2-minute breakthrough in a hectic meeting plan. Not just that, it indeed rejuvenates your mind using meditation and exercise. A slight pause pumps in energizers and restores well-being. You can avoid computer vision syndrome by practicing this often throughout a frantic long day.

Connect with your team via Teamflect

A face-to-face remote meeting is necessary to establish healthy relationships among managers and their team. Teamflect evaluates and records the status review, weekly/yearly plans, actual average output, follow-up notes, and feedback from your teammate’s management conversations. Thus, helping to maintain strong management connections among co-workers within a reputed firm.

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