Guide to The Official Fitbit App and Top 15 Compatible Apps


Fitbit is arguably one of the most popular fitness tracking brands and its hardware comes with a fantastic app that has a certain purpose for every part of the day. In addition to the stock app, Fitbit hardware is also compatible with a number of partner apps that extent functionality and allow you to make the most out of your Fitbit.

You may like to have a look at this post if you are interested in finding out more about the brand and its history. This guide covers the official Fitbit app and a variety of other apps you can set up with your device. Although there are quite a few apps that work with Fitbit, we’ll cover the most popular and officially recommended apps.

The Official Fitbit App

Available for Android, iOS and Windows, the official Fitbit app is supported on more than 200 devices, including iOS 10 and higher, Android OS Lollipop 5.0 and higher and Windows 10 version 1607 or higher devices. Fitbit users can also access the dashboard using their desktop computers and view all the stats, goals and insights.

Setting Up the Fitbit App

Installing and setting up Fitbit app is pretty straight forward and all you need to do is to download and install the app from Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or Windows Store. Users can also download the Fitbit app for their Mac or Windows PC if they don’t have a mobile device.

Fitbit app for older operating systems (Mac OS 10.5 and Windows XP) only works with Flex, One and Zip. The next step involves signing up with Fitbit and pairing the device with your mobile device. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Fitbit App Core Functionalities

Whether you want to lose weight or just want to be more active in your daily life, the Fitbit app has got you all covered. The user-friendly and intuitive app helps you achieve your specific goals and includes a dashboard that shows all the important information at a glance, including recent activity and stats.

You can even use the official Fitbit app without owning a Fitbit device. However, you’d have to enter activities manually, which is easier said than done (that’s why Fitbit devices exist at the first place).  Al be sure to check out options if you want to develop your app as well.

The core functionalities/features of the Fitbit app include:

All-Day Activity Tracking

The app covers almost all parts of your day and tracks all-day activity, including distance covered, calories burnt, steps and active time. Users can see trends over time through the day and record sleep trends. The built-in sleep tools help you set your sleep goals, bedtime reminders and wake targets. You can easily monitor and review sleep trends to make sure you are in-line with your sleep goals.

You can use your mobile device to record the basic stats such as steps and distance in case you don’t have your Fitbit device with you. The app also allows you to pair multiple devices and seamlessly switches between them without any manual configuration. This feature can be very useful for people who use different devices for workouts and everyday tracking.

Activity and Workouts

The Fitbit app provides insightful information on your performance to help to stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Tracking time, pace and distance enhances walks, runs, hikes etc., while workout logging allows users to see the exercise stats and how workouts are impacting their performance and overall day.

The exercise calendar keeps users motivated by showing logged workouts and keeping them updated about their accomplishments. A selfie or view at the peak of your workout not only boosts motivation, but is also a great way of sharing your experiences with your friends and family.

Weight and Nutrition

The app provides guidance and tools to stay on top of weight and nutrition. Users can either manually enter their weight in the app or automatically through Aria Wi-Fi Smart scale. Setting weight goals is pretty straight forward. The app allows users to define their weight goals (lose, gain or maintain) and gives them guidance on how to manage calories, both in and out.

You can easily log your water intake, including before workouts and during the day and the app reminds you to make sure you stay hydrated. Similarly, keeping calorie intake and logging meals using the barcode scanner provides you with insightful information such as estimated calories and meal shortcuts.

Sharing and Motivation

Staying motivated is essential in achieving fitness goals, while sharing stats and challenging people around you keep you inspired. Automatic notifications pop up to make sure you are moving in the right direction, while badges for achieving milestones keeps you motivated for doing more and can be easily shared with others. Fitbit users can stay connected with their Facebook friends and cheer them without leaving the app.

Connecting a Fitbit Account to Compatible Apps

In addition to the stock Fitbit app, you can also connect your Fitbit account to supported apps or download additional apps through the Fitbit App Gallery to further extend functionality. Fitbit watches come preloaded with a number of apps such as Weather, Alarms and Exercise, which can be accessed by swiping to the left. Additional apps can be installed from the App Gallery, which is accessible from within the stock Fitbit app.

The additional apps include apps for timekeeping, fitness, health and other everyday needs. Although most of the additional apps are free-to-download, some apps require a one-time fee or paid subscription. The Fitbit app will notify you in advance if an app requires you to make a payment, which is managed by the app developer.

You can install up to 39 apps on your Fitbit, but make sure review app permissions such as internet access and background sync. To connect an app to your Fitbit account, tap Apps -> the gear icon and follow on-screen instructions to connect the app with your account.

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Top 15 Fitbit Compatible Apps

Fitbase (Research and Analysis)

  • Supports both Fitbit and Garmin devices
  • Real-time monitoring of Fitbit devices
  • Collects activity data including physical activity, heart rate, sleep, weight and dietary data
  • Can be used with multiple devices
  • Data export to .csv file
  • Simple device authentication
  • Customizable data views

MyFitnessPal (Nutrition and Dietary Planning)

  • Connects Fitbit account with MyFitnessPal account
  • Nutritional and dietary summaries
  • Food database
  • Meal mapping
  • Calorie planning
  • Recopies via the internet, saves manual entry time

MapMyRun (Fitness tracking)

  • Connects Fitbit account with MapMyRun exercises
  • Auto import of steps from Fitbit devices
  • Run mapping and tracking
  • Supports a variety of activities, including running, cycling and cross training
  • Audio feedback
  • Nearby places search functionality

Lose It! (Weight Loss)

  • Calories count
  • Sleep and exercise tracking
  • Challenge mode
  • Bar code scanning, uploads information to the food log
  • Populates weight stats from Fitbit
  • Meals information sharing with Fitbit account

Strava (Tracking and Guiding)

  • Helps keep a detailed map of whereabouts
  • Past-runs comparison
  • GPS download function, shows what others near you have been doing
  • Copy other users’ routes
  • Credit of active time in the calorie counter

Tactio Health (Medical and Health Management)

  • Personalized insights
  • Health coaching
  • Science-based rules and feedback from coaches
  • Customizable and color-coded dashboard
  • Health risk calculation
  • Lifestyle and behavioral change suggestions based on collected data
  • Data filtering and export (PDF)
  • Dos and Don’ts reminders

Habit (Nutrition and Dietary planning)

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations based on activity data
  • Simplified daily servings
  • Personalized weekly recipes
  • Progress tracking
  • Food journal entries via photos

Thermos Hydration App (Hydration Reminder)

  • Works with Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle
  • Automatic water intake tracking
  • Helps meet hydration goals
  • Pulls information from Fitbit app (water intake)
  • Saves users from having to enter water intake manually
  • On-the-fly information update

Amazon Alexa (Echo)

  • Connects Alexa Echo with Fitbit
  • Allows users to check Fitbit information by speaking
  • Latest stats, sleep goals, quick updates
  • Works well in situations when your hands are occupied

Find My Fitbit (Device tracking)

  • Uses Bluetooth to help locate lost Fitbit devices
  • Can connect with up to 10 Fitbit devices
  • The bar graph suggests how close or far away a device may be
  • Depends on Bluetooth signal strength to guess distance
  • Might not be very accurate, but can still be helpful in many situations

Endomondo (Fitness Tracking)

  • Connects Fitbit and Endomondo accounts
  • Syncs data between both profiles, including steps, runs and sleep
  • 40+ built-in activities
  • GPS-based workout tracking
  • Workout summaries
  • Audio feedback on speed and distance covered
  • Indoor workout logging (manual)

Fitline (Timeline)

  • Presents information as a timeline
  • Easy-to-understand fitness patterns
  • Allows viewing any date range
  • Activity breakdown according to different metrics
  • Average of different timeframes
  • Data export to .CSV file

Walgreens Balance Rewards (Game)

  • Connects Fitbit and Walgreens account
  • 20 points for each mile
  • 20 points for daily weigh-in recording
  • Bonus 250 points on connecting accounts

Wokamon – Monster Walk Quest (Game)

  • Monstor collection game
  • Earn XP points with every step and grow Wokamons
  • Allows unlocking additional game content

Dick’s Sporting Goods (Game)

  • For ScoreCard members
  • ScoreCard points for meeting the daily 1000-step goal
  • Points earned can be used to purchase new gear