Guide to the Most Iconic Weapon in Kingdom Hearts – The Kingdom Key

A video game enthusiast would most probably know numerous titles from various consoles. These titles include some of the best in history, such as the successful video game series – Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is a video game series developed by Square Enix, which started in March 2002. The game is known for its role-playing genre and multiverse storyline, wherein every game appears in various worlds in the Disney universe. Similar to most storylines in video games, the Kingdom Hearts series has a playable character that acts as the hero of the story. And every hero of a story comes with a weapon to help them win against evil forces. In this case, the game’s main protagonist is Sora, an exceptional Keyblade wielder.

Keyblades are one of the primary weapons in the game franchise, which serves a vital role in the game’s storyline. Apparent to its name, this weapon resembles the appearance of a large key that has a blade. They are mysterious weapons that hold significant powers used by their wielders to fight a battle between darkness and light. Moreover, the Keyblade comes with various types and designs, and from all these versions, the most iconic is the main weapon of Sora called the Kingdom Key.

What is the Kingdom Key?

The Kingdom Key serves as an icon in the Kingdom Hearts series, wherein we can see this weapon in every version of the game. Sora, being the protagonist of the game, is the main user of the Kingdom Key. In some games of the series, such as Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, it is the only playable weapon for Sora throughout the game. On the other hand, some games come with a variety of Keyblades to choose from and improve your character’s strength. However, despite the various weaponry, the Kingdom Key is the usual weapon we would see during cutscenes. In simple terms, the Kingdom Key serves as the defaultweapon Sora can use in the series, which we often see in video game trailers, posters, and other merchandise.

Its appearance shows a pretty much ideal design of the Keyblade, which consists of a skeleton key roughly three feet and five inches long with a long silver Keychain that comes with a Hidden Mickey token at the end. The Kingdom Key has distinct features that resemble the game theme, particularly its silver and gold color.

Game Appearances of the Kingdom Key

As mentioned earlier, the Kingdom Key is the default weapon forSora, which means we get to see this Keyblade in each game of the series. Different versions of the game have slight differences in the appearance of the Kingdom Key. However, all of these versions share common features, which makes it recognizable. Furthermore, the presence of the Kingdom Key in each game often comes with a backstory, which adds up to the game’s overall story. Here are the different game appearances of the Kingdom Key:

Kingdom Hearts (2002) – The first-ever appearance of the Kingdom Key in the game was during the first part of the story when the main characters are on Destiny Island. A careless act by Riku allows the Heartless to invade, wherein the darkness consumed him and brought him into the portal of darkness. It was when Sora came to Riku and touched the light in his heart, which led to the creation of the Kingdom Key.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (2004) –Unlike the first Kingdom Hearts, this version of the game took place in the Castle of Oblivion, which restricted Sora’s ability to switch Keychains. That is why Sora uses the Kingdom Key throughout this game.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) –The Kingdom Key was originally used by Roxas to defeat Axel and to attack DiZ, also known as Ansem the Wise. After his final use of the Kingdom Key, Sora inherited it, which he used in his quest.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (2009) – It is shown in some parts of the game that Roxas and Xion used the Kingdom Key.

Kingdom Hearts coded (2010) –This game appears to be in a digital world, wherein the main protagonist of the story is named Data-Sora, who is basically a digital replica of Sora. He gained access to the data version of the Kingdom Key, which looks exactly the same as the original version.

Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance (2012) –Sora wields the Kingdom Key during his Mark of Mastery exam, a test to earn him the title of Keyblade Master.

Kingdom Hearts III (2019) – Similar to classic Kingdom Hearts games, Sora uses the Kingdom Key as his primary weapon.