Guide to Charlie Chaplin’s Movies with Mutual Film Corporation

After Chaplin’s course with the film studio Essanay, he signed a new contract with a different motion picture company – Mutual Film Corporation. Mutual is known for producing some of the greatest Charlie Chaplin films.

Mutual Film Corporation was founded in 1912 – by a team of American businessmen. Similar to other Film Studios, Mutual got absorbed by other giant film studios – in this case, is Film Booking Offices of America, which later on was changed to RKO Pictures.

During Chaplin’s work with Mutual, he was given the liberty of having his own studio – where he directed, written, and starred a total of 12 films. Lone Star Studios was named for the studio created exclusively for Chaplin’s films.

May 16, 1916The Floorwalker was released. The first film that was released in Mutual, where Chaplin appeared as the tramp – where he is a goofy customer inside a department store.

June 12, 1916The Fireman was released. The first film where Chaplin appeared as a fireman, alongside his leading lady – Edna, which he saved from the burning building.

July 10, 1916The Vagabond was released. This film features a romantic silent comedy, a unique concept made by Chaplin – where he appeared as a street musician called Saloon Violinist. 

August 7, 1916One A.M. was released. A very original film, where there is no other cast – except Chaplin, and a taxi driver. In the movie, Chaplin appeared as drunk – creating hilarious struggles during his tipsy moment.

September 4, 1916The Count was released. Chaplin plays the tailor’s apprentice in this classic comedy – where he burnt the count’s trousers.

October 2, 1916The Pawnshop was released. One of the most successful Chaplin films in Mutual. Chaplin appeared as the pawnshop assistant, where he did a lot of slapstick comedy – which gained the film recognition.

November 13, 1916Behind the Screen was released. The story focused on a movie studio, where Chaplin plays stagehand – named David. Unfortunately, David works with Goliath, his supervisor – who is arrogant and lazy.

December 4, 1916The Rink was released. A silent comedy film starring Chaplin, where he appeared as a waiter. A lot of fans were amazed after watching Chaplin’s skills on a roller skate.

January 22, 1917Easy Street was released. A slapstick comedy, where Chaplin appeared as the little tramp – became a policeman after seeing an ad wanted. He was assigned at the slums, where he encountered a bully – which he knocked down later on.

April 16, 1917The Cure was released. One of Chaplin’s films where he appeared as a drunkard. Chaplin checked in a health spa – then brought chaos to employees and other customers.

June 17, 1917The Immigrant was released. A film written, directed, and starred by Chaplin – and appeared as his iconic Tramp character. Chaplin was an immigrant who was accused of theft during the cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. This film is included in the National Film Registry – and was added in 1998.

October 22, 1917The Adventurer was released. This was the last film released by Chaplin in Mutual – where he appeared as an escaped convict. 

It is undoubted that Chaplin’s term in Mutual was very fruitful. The contract came to an end, and Chaplin is at the peak of his career. During Chaplin’s course with Mutual in 1916, he became the highest-paid entertainer all over the globe – with a whopping $670,000 annually which would be nearly $15,000,000 in 2020 dollars.