Get to Know Prince Valiant and His Singing Sword

In several mythologies, fiction and legends, weapons such as magical swords had played a significant role in every hero’s story. These magical swords that possess a great magical ability are renowned swords that appeared in different nation’s folklore. However, in some traditions, the swords that the heroes have used don’t have powers at all. But since the protagonist or origin was quite popular, the weapons have also shared the same popularity of its wielder or origin. With that, this article will guide you on one of the known swords in the world –The Singing Sword.

The Singing Sword, wielded by a Nordic prince, was known to be the Excalibur’s sister sword. According to the legend, the magical Singing Sword has the ability to make its wielder undefeatable if he is to fight for a good cause.

In 1937, a Canadian-American comic artist, Hal Foster, created Prince Valiant in the Days of King Arthur. It is an American comic strip that tells about the epic journey of Prince Valiant during the Arthurian era. The main character of the story was, of course, Valiant, a prince that comes from Thule. Moreover, because of the comic strip’s popularity, it subsequently made into an animated TV series that runs from 1991 to 1993.

Prince Valiant’s Adventures

In the comic series, the story began with the fall of the fictional kingdom called Thule, the kingdom where Prince Valiant was the heir. Following the fall of their kingdom, Prince Valiant, along with his parents, and a group of survivors, become an exile. With the series of unfortunate events that happened to them, Prince Valiant becomes vengeful against the ruthless conqueror, Cyan. In the animated series story, during their exile, Prince Valiant dreamt about the place Camelot. Following his dream about the idealistic New Order in Camelot, he eventually began his quest. However, his quest was against his father’s wish.

While he was traveling, he met two peasants who believed him as he told them his dreams. The first peasant, Arn, although an illiterate and clumsy man, was a skilled woodsman. The second was named Rowanne. She was a feisty and unorthodox daughter of a blacksmith. She was also skilled in using a bow and arrow. The three became friends instantly. But as they paved their way into the Camelot, they had faced several enemies and challenges.

In Camelot, hemet Sir Gawain and Sir Tristram, who become his friends. He also earned the respect of King Arthur and Merlin, the reason he becomes a part of the Knight of the Round Table. Duringone of his adventures, he subsequently met Aleta, his wife, and the love of his life, on the Mediterranean island. As well as that, Prince Valiant had made a good friend out of his former rival, Prince Arn.

In the comic strips released in August 1947, Prince Arn’s first son was born in America. During that moment, Prince Valiant was seen getting drunk as he celebrates with Prince Arn. Also, Valiant and Aleta, the Princess he met on the Mediterranean island, had daughters. The twins were named Karen and Valeta. In addition, they also have other children, namely, Galan and Prince Nathan. When Prince Nathan was kidnapped by the agents of Byzantine Emperor Justinian, Prince Arn rescued him.

How Prince Valiant obtained the Singing Sword

In 1938 Valiant’s comics, the prince eventually obtained the Singing Sword. It was also revealed that the sword was initially wielded by Prince Arn, Valiant’s rival for Lady Ilene. Nevertheless, the two set aside their differences after the Viking raiders kidnapped Lady Ilene on her way to Ord. During their mission to rescue Lady Ilene, Prince Arn handed Prince Valiant the Singing Sword to hold back the enemies. Meanwhile, Prince Arn tried to save Lady Ilene. Unfortunately, Lady Ilene was killed in a shipwreck. Following the event, the two Princes become friends. Prince Arn then gave Prince Valiant the magical Singing Sword. In the subsequent series, it was revealed that the Singing Sword, now wielded by Prince Valiant, was the sister blade of the Excalibur owned by King Arthur.