Do golf shoes help you to play better?

If you’re nipping to the driving range after work or playing a casual 9 holes with friends, you might think that there’s no point changing in and out of your shoes when you get to the course – and you could simply sport a pair of running trainers or trendy sneakers instead. However, men’s golf shoes are specifically designed to give players stability, balance and flexibility with every swing. And some golf clubs actually insist that proper footwear is worn on their courses.

Here we look at how golf shoes compare to regular trainers and, more importantly, how they can benefit your game.

What makes golf shoes so special?

Ever tried a pair of golf shoes on before?

Typically, they have wide bases which enable you to stay grounded and keep your balance throughout your swing. What’s more, they have lower cuts than other sporting shoes, exposing the ankles. This provides you with a better range of motion, allowing you to change direction and turn quickly without putting pressure on the ankle. To experience what it likes to wear the number 1 golf shoes in the world, order Footjoy Golf Shoes online as soon as possible.

With a pair of golf shoes from  team golf products  firmly fastened to your feet, you needn’t worry about walking on wet grass.  Whereas football boots have studs to give extra traction when running the length of the pitch, spiked golf shoes help to anchor you to the ground and combat the varying terrain on the golf course.

Ok, so men’s golf shoes may look a little drab when compared to the fashionable and colourful trainers available today, but they offer unrivalled support for your feet on the course. Something you’ll be grateful for when out on the links in all weathers!

The benefits of wearing golf shoes

Wearing a decent pair of men’s golf shoes can make all the difference between a good game and a great game. If your footwear is inappropriate; you’ll find it difficult to make contact with the golf ball and, it will impact on the accuracy of your shots.

The most obvious things players will notice between wearing casual trainers and proper-fitting golf shoes is the greater sense of balance. As mentioned earlier, the large soles and broad bases allow players to maintain their balance – not only helping them to swing well but saving them the embarrassment of slipping and sliding.

Let’s face it, the more stability a shoe has to offer, the better. Most golf shoes have stabilisers along the side of the arches to prevent the feet shifting from side to side. Spikes can also help with this when playing on wet or uneven turf.

There’s no disputing that golf involves a lot of walking. In fact, the average golfer easily covers between four and six miles when playing 18 holes. With that in mind, you’re going to want to find some comfortable men’s golf shoes – ideally a pair that is waterproof and suitable for walking long distances. After all, you don’t want to end up with blisters on your heels, Achilles or toes!

For even more comfort, try and keep an eye out for shoes with extra padding or cushioning. These will make your game of golf more enjoyable and help you play better by focusing on the round without any distractions (i.e. sore feet).

Invest in a pair of men’s golf shoes today!

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