Cristiano Ronaldo burns his bridges ahead of 2022 World Cup

There appears to be no way back for global football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, who has launched a stunning and public offensive against his current club, Manchester United. During a very carefully stage-managed interview, the Portuguese superstar has blown the lid on his frustrations at Old Trafford.
Ronaldo has chosen his words very carefully, suggesting that a player of his global stature should be treated much better, while also levelling a variety of pointed criticisms at the club itself. Many of them will undoubtedly meet with agreement from fans of the Red Devils, who themselves are disappointed with the lack of success in recent years.

Nevertheless, even the most ardent supporters may also have tired of what they believe to be petulance, demonstrated by such a highly-paid star. Someone who as a vastly experienced veteran in the game, should perhaps be leading a much better example to younger talents at the club. This time, Ronaldo hasn’t just burned his bridges, he’s poured petrol on the flames.

Bidding a not so fond farewell to Manchester United

“I feel bretrayed” said Cristiano Ronaldo, during an exclusive and explosive Piers Morgan interview, recorded for Talk TV in the United Kingdom, which is due to be broadcast via the channel on Wednesday 16 November. Excerpts from this interview have been published via tabloid newspaper The Sun, where conveniently enough, Piers Morgan is also a columnist, suggesting the player is keen to leave Manchester United behind.
“Some people, I feel, don’t want me here. Not just this year, bit last year too,” insisted Cristiano, who also criticised there being “zero progress” at the club, after Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager in 2013. He says that Manchester United have “stopped in time” since he departed to join Real Madrid in 2009, claiming he expected more evolution upon his return to the Red Devils, when greeted as a returning hero in 2021.

But aside from underlining his disappointment at how the club is run, there were more grievances Ronaldo was open to airing publicly. “I don’t have respect for him because he doesn’t show respect for me,” said the 37-year-old of his manager, Erik ten Hag, who suspended the player from the team in October. This came after Cristiano refused to appear as a substitute against Tottenham Hotspur, and left the stadium before the end of the match.
The United boss had already made it clear when he arrived, that any such breach of his strict new team rules would not be tolerated, making the relationship between player and manager frosty from the beginning. “If you don’t have respect for me, I’m never gonna have respect for you,” concluded Ronaldo, indicating that he has no intentions of ever playing for the Dutch coach again.

Focus turns to the World Cup

After these sensational and explosive comments, essentially detonating any chance he will play for Manchester United again, Cristiano Ronaldo now turns his full attention towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. There, he will most likely be greeted as a hero by fans in the stadiums, eager to see the best players in the world competing for the most prestigious honour.

Winning the World Cup is the greatest ambition for most footballers, and Ronaldo will certainly have his eyes on the prize with Portugal, as they attempt to defy the odds and lift the iconic trophy. However, the Portuguese selection is considered to be relative outsiders, priced at long-shot odds with many of the leading bookmakers, regarded as being unlikely to be one of the genuine contenders.

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Clearly marketing himself towards departing Manchester United, there would be no better advert for Cristiano than scoring plenty of goals, and helping his country defy all expectations. If he can do those things, new opportunities may arise in the January transfer window, keeping him front and centre of the media glare. But can this iconic superstar find satisfaction anywhere else, at this late stage of his illustrious career? Only time will tell…


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