Check Out Online Alarm Clocks

Hard to imagine just a century ago knowing the current time wasn’t quite yet available to everyone.  Certainly there were clocks available and many had wrist watches or pocket watches but the current time wasn’t literally everywhere around you like it is today.  Once we started to hit the digital age it quickly became possible to start telling time in many different ways and at greatly increased levels of accuracy.

In our modern times nearly everyone has a phone with the time accurate down to the millisecond, we have cars with clocks and radios with the time, public spaces with clocks and of course a myriad of watches available to us.  With the current time being so readily available so are other time devices such as stop watches,  timers, alarms and more.  Knowing when the chicken is done baking for example is as simple as setting the timer on the oven.  Or setting your alarm is as easy as pulling out your smart phone, setting an alarm and which noise you want to blare at you when the time comes.

There are even time tools in our browsers that you might not be as familiar with Online Alarm Clocks and Online Stop Watches.  Yes thats right – they run in your browser.    You can set reminders in your browser to blare annoying video or radio station at you.  You can also easily use screen viable stop watches, counters and more.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Play a Video – Have some annoying video to get your attention – you can play it when the alarm goes off!
  • Play Sounds – Pick from a library of sounds to play when the time goes off – much like on your phone only typically more options.
  • Listen to Radio – Play an internet radio stream – wake up to the sounds from any number of genres
  • Countdown Timer – Be notified in a specific time from the time you click to start
  • Stop Watch – Time something on screen – useful for needing to time things your watching on screen
  • Social Media Updates – With some online alarm clocks they will even do a Tweet or a Facebook post for you when the timer goes off – not quite the same as a social posting scheduler but kind of nifty
  • Special Day Countdown – Track a special date like a holiday or anniversary that you want to save and have a quick look at how many days away until the special day

That’s just a few examples – some quick googling and you can probably find jus the right tool for your needs.  Most of these tools will also work on your tablet and even your smart phone making them a quick and easy tool for any of your time tracking needs.  Ways these online alarm clocks and stop watches have been used include using them as part of a presentation – the count down to the start can easily be displayed in screen.  Or if your tracking the number of times something is done a click counter can be displayed on screen.