Theodore Roosevelt Timeline

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Jr. was the 26th president of the United States, and one of the most influential men in shaping the history of the country. Establishing a timeline of Theodore Roosevelt is no difficult task. From birth to death, he hardly ever held still, passionately determined to make the best use … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt Speech

To a great man like Theodore Roosevelt speech was a powerful tool, which he successfully used to convince others to follow his lead. Having been an avid reader most of his life, he was well-versed in proper speech and etiquette, but sometimes, he purposely ignored them to get his point across. Many … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt Policy

For Theodore Roosevelt, policies were the lifeblood of presidency. Although the foreign policies of Theodore Roosevelt weren’t always met with overwhelming approval, he knew it was important to secure a place for America in the global community. With a focus on domestic policies such as conservation and progressive reform, he was also … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt’s Personality

Theodore Roosevelt was one of America’s most memorable presidents, not just because of what he did but also because of who he was. His personality was a big part of his life and work. This article will look at the different parts of Roosevelt’s personality that made him stand out. From his … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt’s Political Party

No. Although his family members were originally very strong Democrats, in the 1850s the family joined the Republican Party, which was fairly new. The Oyster Bay Roosevelts (as his family was known) were not only associated with the Republican Party, they also acted as frequent contributors. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt, Republican politician, … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt Park

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in North Dakota. It was established in 1947, to honor the man who spent most of his life enjoying nature, and a great deal of his time as president trying to preserve it, for future generations. In September 1883, Teddy arrived in North Dakota, for … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt House

The place referred to as the Theodore Roosevelt House is actually called Sagamore Hill. Located at 20 Sagamore Hill Road, in Oyster Bay, New York, Teddy (along with his wife and six children) called it home after its completion in 1885. Built on a 95-acre plot of land – bought for $30,000 … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt History

Theodore Roosevelt had a lasting impact on America and the world at large. Whether it was his politics, conservation, reform, or just his ever-present grin, he shaped the history of the United States for all time. Because of the great impact he had, there are still several things bearing his name and … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt For Kids

Some fun and interesting Teddy Roosevelt facts for kids are: as a kid, he was skinny and sick all the time, thanks to his asthma. Being so sick, he wasn’t able to go to school with the other kids, so he had to learn from tutors who came to his house. When … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt Cartoons

Theodore Roosevelt was one of America’s most dynamic and influential presidents. His larger-than-life persona, bold policies, and charismatic leadership made him a favorite subject for political cartoonists of his time. Through their eyes, we see a different side of Roosevelt—a side marked by satire, humor, and sharp critique. Political cartoons were a … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt Big Stick

The Theodore Roosevelt Big Stick foreign policy refers to an oft-repeated quote attributed to him: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” Also referred to as the Theodore Roosevelt Big Stick diplomacy, this philosophy embodies the idea of peaceful negotiation (to ‘speak softly’) coupled with the simultaneous threat … Read more

Theodore Roosevelt And The Rough Riders

Historians have hailed Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider co-founder and leader, as an American military hero. His bravery during the Spanish American War, along with his ability to ‘rally the troops’ led to his nomination for the Medal of Honor in 1898. In 1898, the U.S. found itself in the midst of an … Read more

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