Advance To San Isidro

Company H 22nd Infantry April 15 1899 a week before 1st Northern Expedition

Americans Advance To San Isidro, April 22-May 17, 1899 As soon as General Lawton returned to Manila from his Laguna expedition on April 17, General Otis ordered the second concerted move northward. This time General Lawton was to proceed northward to the east of General MacArthur’s column, forming a junction with MacArthur’s … Read more

American Advance To San Fernando in Philippine War

Americans Advance To San Fernando, April 22-May 5, 1899 Soon after he captured Malolos on March 31, 1899 (ABOVE), Brig. Gen. Arthur C. MacArthur, Jr., was eager to proceed northward at once along the line of the railroad to Tarlac Province in pursuit of Aguinaldo, who, he felt sure, was making his … Read more

American Advance to Malolos American in Philippine War

Americans Advance To Malolos, March 24-31, 1899 Brig. Gen. Arthur C. MacArthur Jr.’s column advanced along the Manila-Dagupan railway to the north. Malolos, the Filipino capitol, and the capture of Aguinaldo were the prime objectives. But it had to overcome defenses put up by the Filipinos along the way. The Americans estimated … Read more

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