Carpets V Flooring – What Is More Popular In The Home?

When it comes time to redecorate, choosing between room carpet or laminate wood flooring can seem like quite the dilemma. Both options have many benefits, but they each come with certain downsides that should be carefully considered before you commit. Carpet Underlay is also a best choice for you now a days for flooring your home. Ultimately, however, a great deal of the decision making will come down to personal choice.  If you look at the prices between both options, there is not much difference between carpet and laminate of comparable quality. There are, however, very different approaches to upkeep and maintenance to consider.  Here are some of the factors to consider as you choose your new flooring. You can also click the following link if you need high-quality and affordable Laminate Underlay. Also, you can contact WJD Flooring that provide the best flooring work and give you the best results.


By far, the easiest of these two to upkeep is wooden flooring.  Once this is in place and installed, it will take very little upkeep at all and the maintenance will typically involve cleaning the flooring regularly, and maybe shining it up on occasion.  Most laminate wood flooring retailers will also give you many different options as to what cleaning materials are the best for the type of wood it is you have purchased.

In terms of carpets, this can be a bit more of a challenge, especially if you have pets.  Carpets can begin to look worn and grubby quite quickly and many people will ask any visitors to their home to take off their shoes before they walk on it, for that very reason.  If there is a stain or mark on a carpet, there will be the odd occasion that you may not be able to remove this and must get a specific carpet stain remover — or even call in a professional to support you. If you want to avoid all these hassles and extra expenses, we recommend you use grey vinyl flooring instead.


Both carpets and flooring can be a bit of a pain to install.  When it comes to carpeting a room, you will need a clear floor on which to roll it out. You will also need to make sure that you cut the edges very carefully, as you do not want there to be any spaces between the sideboards and the carpet. You will normally find that

most people will get a professional to install their carpet on their behalf for an additional fee.

In terms of flooring, installation can be a little bit trickier, unless you have purchased the click flooring. In this case, an individual with even the most basic DIY skills would be able to give this a go. When purchasing the materials, you can normally get hold of a standard toolkit that gives you the basic tools required for you to be able to cut, measure and lay the flooring.

It is also important that for both carpets and flooring, a good quality underlay is also purchased and installed in order to mitigate any creaking or uncomfortable walking on the surface.


There is no right or wrong in terms of carpets and wooden floors. The prices are pretty much the same, the upkeep on laminate wood flooring is a lot less but people may also prefer the feel and look of a carpet.