Captain Britain

Captain Britain is a superhero character who appeared in British as well as in American comic books published under Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in the comic series, Captain Britain Weekly, issue #1 released in October 1976. It was written by Chris Claremont, together with artist Alan Davis, and writer Alan Moore.

Captain Britain’s Origin

Brian Braddock was raised and born in the small town of Maldon, Essex. He was a shy and intelligent young man that studied Physics at Thames University. Although they were not rich enough to be associated with their former peers, Brian belonged to an aristocratic family. He then lived andspent most of his time with his parents and siblings. After his parents died in a laboratory accident, Braddock was later associated with the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Center. However, the facility was attacked by a criminal named Joshua Stragg, also known as The Reaver. Braddock then rides on his motorcycle to escape and attempt to ask for help. On his way, Braddock faced an unfortunate accident. Consequently, Merlin, and her daughter, the Ominiversal Guardian, named Roma, appeared to the injured Brian and offered him a chance to be a superhero. Two choices were presented before him, the Sword of Might and the Amulet of Right. Braddock has chosen the Amulet of Right, and it transformed him into Captain Britain.

In the later series, it was revealed that Braddock is only one of the many members of the inter-dimensional mystical corps, called Captain Britain Corps. In every Earth of Marvel’s multiverse, there is one Captain Britain, who is expected to uphold local laws. It was also revealed that Brian’s father was also a Captain Britain set to protect other Earth dimension, while Brian was set to protect Earth-616.During the start of his career as Captain Britain, Brian managed to study and performed his duties as Captain Britain while courting his fellow student, Courtney Ross. In the subsequent episode, his siblings, Jamie and Betsy, became aware of his real identity after he rescued them from a villain named Dr. Synne. It turned out that the villain was one of the devices that his father had created. Shortly after that, Brian goes to study in America. By a weird twist of fate, he became room-mate with Peter Parker at Empire State University. However, due to a misunderstanding, Brian and Peter fought and were captured by anassassin named Arcade. They then faced several challenges in Murderworld as they saved the love interests of Brian, Courtney, who was abducted and was put in a sealed air cocoon. Yet, they escaped and became the Underworld’s first survivors.At the end of his stay, due to homesickness and stress, Braddock resulted to being alcoholic.

On his flight home, Braddock was attacked by a villain named Necromoron. The mental attack had caused Braddock to jump out of the plane. As a result, he spent years as a hermit on the Cornish coast as he repaired his psyche. Eventually, he was summoned by Merlin for a mission. Braddock teamed up with Black Knight and Jackdaw, the elf, against the Necromoron. When Braddock’s memory was partially restored, he allied with the Knight and Vortigen the Proud Walker, in a battle against Mordred the Evil. The team was snatched out of time through Grandmaster’s contest, where Captain Britain battle against the Arabian Knights.After theenemy was defeated, Merlin merges the powers of the Star Scepter and the Amulet of Right, to be worn by Braddock. Captain Britain was then sent to Earth-238, along with Jackdaw, for their next mission.

In a new series created by Paul Cornell, drawn by Leonard Kirk, they featured Captain Britain along with the other British superheroes working for a British intelligence agency called, MI: 13. The comic series opened in a scene where the MI:13 fought a Skrull attacking Britain. During their mission to protect the Avalon, Captain Britain was killed in an explosion. However, he was resurrected by Merlin and was then equipped with increased powers.

Superpowers and Abilities

Before Braddock became Captain Britain, one of his greatest strengths is his intelligence – which undoubtedly came from his family that was known for their genius-level intellect. Aside from being a student at Thames University, he also worked at the Darkmoor Energy Research Center, under the mentorship of Dr. Travis. As Captain Britain, Braddock’s power originally came from the mystical Amulet of Right, given by Merlin. This amulet had given Braddock the superhuman strength, agility, durability, as well as stamina, enhanced reflexes, and senses. His enhanced physical powers allow him to take shot after shot, and other blasts that were coming from any weapon and explosives. Captain Britain also possessed a telescoping staff that enables him to open a force field. Also, Merlin gave him the Star Scepter, which allows him to fly at a supersonic speed.