Boosting Search Rankings with Authority Backlinks

In the modern internet world, getting views on your website or blog has become one of the toughest tasks. People strive very hard yet they don’t get a lot of search rankings or views. Its not that they are doing something wrong. Its that they are missing on something important. Many people cover basic SEO with keywords etc. but they don’t really go for backlinking.

What is a backlink?

Backlink basically relates to how many other websites mention your website’s link on their page, content, etc. the more you develop back links, the better would be your search ranking on Google as well as other search engines.   Your real goal is to get a site to organically feature your web site because there is value for them to do so!

What are authority backlinks?

Some people say that the more the number of backlinks, the better it would be. However, this may not always be the case as quality may matter more than quantity. A link from would be so better than a link from local website. Authority backlinks are basically links to your website from a high scoring website.

How to improve search rankings with authority backlinks?

Backlinks are quite important but more important is how you use them in order to improve your website and its traffic. Follow the tips below to find out how can authority backlinks be beneficial for you.

1. Keywords and Backlinks – Together

This is the first and foremost tip. Follow backlinking in regards with the keywords. use data driven content and keywords because this would ultimately help you establish better authority backlinks. Basically, your content must be so great that other websites want to link it.

2. Visually attractive content

You can get high authority backlinks if your content is appealing and eye-catching. It is reported that many viewers don’t visit or stay on websites for long that have excessive text in them. Writing engaging content as well as using infographics could always make your content better. Authority backlinks are only gained when the content is not boring, dull, or visually unappealing.

3. Provide link to others

Yes! This is one of the best techniques. Mention other websites or bloggers and be their backlink. This can be a simple means of trade and exchange and you can get backlinks in return too. Many search engines actually keep a track of who you are linking to and that can be beneficial if you are linking a growing website.

4. Rectify broken links

Another great tip is to work and correct the broken links. If you ever see a 404 error where you think you can provide your content, then simply come up with a great content and reach out to the owner of the blog or website and offer them the content you just wrote. In return, you can ask for some backlinks. Easy isn’t it?


Getting high authority backlinks is not a tough task but it must be executed the right way. Many people go for buying backlinks etc. but we don’t recommend it at all. You don’t need to make your content look natural but your content should actually be natural if you want people to read it and get back to you. Follow the tips above and you would be able to improve your search rankings with authority backlinks soon.