Blogging Lost – Season 1

Lost – fun tidbits and notes

We are watching Lost on Netflix for the third time. Tidbits and notes from a third viewing. We pretty much assume you have seen Lost and just adding some fun notes for those who love Lost like we do!

Season 1: Pilot: Part 1

The plane has crashed, Jack dashes into action amid the chaos. We begin to see that something is not right about the crash and the island.

  • Its a good thing Jack has alcohol from the plane for his wounds…
  • The Black Smoke chose to not hurt any of the initially when it could have… except the pilot interesting… must have already been sizing them up – did the black smoke know about the “event”?
  • Walt can spell (bodies) and Hurley can’t – hilarious
  • Jack thinks Kate will not runaway – thats how he judges her character – its clear that means something to her… no one probably ever thought that
  • The rain suddenly starts and stops – is that the Black Smoke causing it?
  • Charlie survives multiple close calls to being killed foreshadowing the future… when he is constantly saved?

    Season 1: Pilot: Part 2

    The Lost group is still in shock. They are hoping for rescue, trying to sort out their situation and looking for hope in a radio signal. We again start to get more glimpses of the fact that things aren’t right – Charlie wonders where they are…

    • Kate judges Charlie to not be a coward up front – boy was she wrong based on his past but prescient based on his future
    • Hmmm Shannon has a birthmark on her left leg – nice bikini
    • The one thing that always seemed odd you would think they would all sit around and discuss the “creature” in great and fear – of course Kate and Jack do discuss it
    • Sun shows defiance and un-buttons the top button… foreshadowing…
    • The first picture in Walt’s comic book is a polar bear… foreshadowing…
    • “I am a complex guy sweet heart” – great quote by Sawyer to Kate
    • The slash on John’s right eye is so classic for the setting when he is playing backgammon – looking like the warrior already
    • John tells Walt – “Two players – two sides. One is light and one is dark.” – the ultimate foreshadowing of the whole series
    • Jin’s sushi saves the baby? it kicked after eating.
    • Ah one of the greatest scenes of Lost the running polar bear – on an tropical island
    • Jack is trying to save the marshal’s life with Hurley’s assistance – Hurley says – “Yah but I am not so good around blood…” while blood is gushing Hurley says … “Dude… Dude…” Jack “Don’t even think about it Hurley… Dammit!” – Hurley tanks – Classic!
    • After they shoot the polar bear… Kate asks “Where did that come from?” Sawyer replies “Probably bear village how do I know?” – Another Classic!
    • “Don’t forget to carry the 1 chief” – Sawyer says while Sayid is trying to do the math on how long the French’ woman’s distress call has been playing…

    Season 1: Tabula Rasa – Episode 3

    Episode 3 focuses on learning more about how Kate made it to the Island. We learn she definitely has a troubled past but we don’t know the details yet. We also begin to get a better picture of Sawyer’s troubled soul.

    • Tabula Rasa means “blank slate” – they are all starting new… starting with Kate
    • So why did the pilot have to change course to Fiji? That wasn’t due to the event.
    • Sawyer first calls Kate “Freckles”
    • “Hope if a very dangerous thing to lose” – Sayid
    • “So whats his story he looks kind of dying” – Hurley about the Marshal
    • “Ok give it to Al Jazera” – Sawyer’s name for Sayid – got love it
    • Kate trusts the Aussie farmer – she wants to trust him like a father?
    • “if you got leaving on your mind” plays in Ray’s truck by Patsy Kine – an appropriate song for Kate
    • The Marshal is much like Ahab and Kate is his white whale
    • Michael promises to find Vincent after it stops raining – it stops immediately and something in the jungle drives Michael to meet up with a bathing Sun – was it intentional?
    • Wow Hurley is listening to CDs on a Sony discman type device – forgot about those
    • Why does Charlie have “LATE” on his tape on his fingers?
    • Ominous music showing John Lock and his cool eye face gash…

    Season 1: Episode 4: Walkabout

    This episode primarily focuses on introducing more about the characters. We get to know more about Rose, Sayid, John and many of the others. There is a little Island action with boar hunting but the primary focus is painting a picture of the characters for us going forward. There are a couple of encounters with the mysteries of the Island that keep us wondering whats really going on – good stuff!

    • We have our scary creature in the dark moment in Lost with something rooting around in the plane
    • Jack begins to assert his leadership with his push to burn the dead bodies to keep the wild boars away
    • We begin to see that something isn’t right between Michael and Walt
    • John Lock begins to turn into Jack of the Jungle – everyone is suddenly quite thankful – Hurley asks “Who is this guy” – we begin to see the true nature of Lock – a frustrated “no-body” who wants to be a somebody – clearly the Island situation has emboldened John Lock…
    • Interesting note – Kate says she is a vegetarian
    • Jack starts talking to Role who is almost catatonic sitting on the beach.
    • John, Kate and Michael go on the boar hunt. We learn that Michael just recently got his son who he doesn’t know.
    • John is knocked out by the boar and flashes back to the office bully is picking on John for his fantasies about hunting, having a girlfriend and more. John believes he has destiny – we find out he is talking to a Helen who is someone he is paying to chat with… John is definitely a complex character… a very frustrated person
    • We look into a classic scene next where Charlie has roped Hurley into trying to catch a fish for Shannon – they aren’t having much luck spearing fish
    • We also start to learn Sayid has a lost love – a picture of her is shown
    • The monster shows up – looks at Lock and …. he lives – definitely raises the “what the heck” level of Lost
    • Hilarious scene when Charlie realizes he was used by Shannon to get back at her brother – poor Charlie
    • Definitely the scenes that makes you go “hmmm’ is when Jack sees a figure in a suit – is he seeing things? Is it real? Whoa…
    • Sawyer quotes – “Stay away metro” to Jack
    • So…. did John really kill the boar? Or did the “monster” do it? John decides to not tell Michael he killed the boar – we finally learn John couldn’t walk before coming to the Island…
    • Lastly we also learn that there is definitely something eating at Jack – he doesn’t go to funeral the “hero” doesn’t want to be there…

Season 1: Episode 5: White Rabbit

The episode is aptly named after the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland – the white rabbit leads Alice down the hole to Wonderland. Jack chases his white rabbit – his father through the jungle. We learn a lot more about Jack and the complication of who he is as a person. We also quickly learn there are even more mysteries about the Island and where ever they are…

  • The show opens with Jack getting beat up by a bully
  • Charlie can’t swim and calls Jack to help – the hero goes back into action
  • Jack saves Boone but they can clearly see a girl calling for help back out further in the sea – he can’t save her – we begin to see Jack’s sense of his need to save everyone
  • Jack again sees the man in the suit
  • Michael continues to struggle with being a father to Walt
  • Next we see a conversation between
  • Jack reminds Hurley and Charlie there are now 46 survivors not 47 since the girl drowned – clearly it hit him very hard – he must save them all – a recurring theme to the end
  • Ah a reference to Carol Burnett by Jack’s father – a truly hilarious show
  • We see a brutal scene where Jack’s father tells Jack that he doesn’t have what it takes to make the hard decisions – to a very young Jack – wow – that will do some damage
  • Jack dashes off after the man in the suit – at this point you wonder what the heck is going on! We soon see its his father – who then disappears into the jungle – whoaaaa dude
  • We then flash back to Jacks mom asking Jack to go after his father who has apparently left – basically we figure out that Jack’s family life is meeeesssseeeed up… Jack apparently did something to is father – something bad
  • John Lock offers to be the hero again and find water since the camp is out and Claire needs water
  • We then have a classic scene of Jack right on the brink of dying and John Lock shows up and saves him. Was the man in the suit trying to kill Jack by leading him over the cliff? Hmm….
  • We begin to see the blossoming of the relationship between Charlie and Claire as he shows genuine care for her
  • Jack comments that if he isn’t hallucinating about the man he sees then “They are all in a lot of trouble.” – boy how true it is…
  • Lock alludes to his encounter with the monster as the “eye of the island” and its “beautiful” – hmm so is the moster luring Lock to his side?
  • Now the man suit leads Jack to a cave with water and a bunch of dolls… and plane wreckage and ….. an empty coffin is father should be in – whoooaaa – where are they?
  • Jack returns to the beach and asserts his authority… saving Boone who was protecting the water – a strong soliloquy

Great quotes from this episode:

  • “Your in my light sticks” – Sawyer to Shannon about her legs – gotta love it (the quote not her legs)
  • “Uhhhh the Chinese people have water”? – Hurley speaking about the Sun and Jin the Korean couple who have water when know one else does…
  • “I traded Mr Miyagi my last bottle of water for a fish I caught” – Sawyer on how Sun and Jin got water when the rest has been stolen – Jin’s last name isn’t Miyagi…
  • “If we can’t live together, we are going to die alone” – Jack urging the survivors to band together

Season 1: Episode 6: House of the Rising Sun

This episode starts to define whats next now that the “dust has settled”. We expand out to find our more about Jin and Sun and that there are two camps now (thus the title of the episode) – one in the Valley with the water and one on the beach. The group on the beach still holds out hope of rescue. The one in the valley is hunkering down for the long haul. We also find out a few more mysteries of the Island and that again this place isn’t normal.

  • We open with Kate asking about Jack’s tattoos
  • We next flash back to Sun in Korea and Jin as a waiter at a party where Sun is attending. Clearly Jin is “lower class” and clearly they are in love
  • Jim starts attacking Michael and we have no idea why. Sayid and Sawyer break it up.
  • Kate, Jack, John and Charlie go to the cave with the water. Kate asks Jack how he found the cave he says “luck” – is he ignoring the episode with is father and the coffin?
  • We next see Lock finding Charlie on a beehive.
  • Michael is defending him self and we also find out Sayid is from Tikrit, Iraq. As a refresher, Tikrit was one of the key strong holds of the Iraq insurgency after the US Invasion.
  • We next see Sun and Jin with Sun’s father’s blessing on them getting married.
  • We then get another “Island” moment when Kate finds two bodies. Jack references the polar bear and how things can’t be explained. He then finds the ultimate in foreshadowing – a pouch with a white rock and a black rock. Lock names them “Adam and Eve”.
  • Next we see Sun in an apartment with a puppy with Jin – clearly something isn’t right.
  • Jack begins to realize there is no way 46 people can survive too far away from the water.
  • Interestingly we don’t get any subtitles while Jin is in this situation with Michael. Ug – then we would know whats going on. Michael asks Walt “What kind of man do you think I am anyway?” We will indeed soon find out more about what kind of man Michael is…
  • We then learn that Jin thinks Michael is a thief…. and then cut to Jin going into the bathroom in the past bleeding and washing him self off in the bathroom. Jin asks what he was doing – he says he was “working”. Clearly what ever job Jin has with Sun’s father ain’t good…
  • Meanwhile Kate and Jack continue to flirt
  • Lock starts talking with Charlie and knows about Charlie’s albums. Lock continues his “faith” think that Charlie will find his guitar. Lock is clearly already drinking the cool-aide.
  • Sayid reacts pretty hard to potentially moving into the valley and the cave. We also learn Michael has “one priority” to get his kid off the island.
  • At this stage we begin to see the “one side” versus “the other side” theme of Lost which starts with those who will go to the valley and those who will stay on the beach.
  • So there is one thing about Lost that always seemed a bit off. Yes there were bees and maybe a few other small Island “normal” dangers – but thats about it. You think there would have been more bites and other natural types of illnesses and dangers.
  • We then see Sun decorating with money as no object – is jin in the Korean mob? Is Sun’s father? We also learn Sun wants to run away to America.
  • Sun then speaks ENGLiSh – to Michael no less – we then find out Michael has a watch that Jin was carrying with him from Sun’s father.
  • Lock then talks to Charlie about his drug habit and how the Island might solve Charlie’s problems. Lock thinks he can find Charlie’s guitar and indeed does. Charlie does hand over the drugs.
  • We then find out Kate doesn’t want to go and she can’t “dig in” which ls clearly the theme for Kate. Jack wants to know why she is like that and what she did.
  • Michael then cuts the hand cuff for Jin and gives the watch back.
  • We then see Sun at the airport and its 11:15 when she is supposed to leave – she is looking at Jin and ultimately decides to stay with him after he shows her a flower for her reminding her of when things were simpler.
  • Finally we cut to Charlie playing guitar with Lock in the cave and Jack showing up with some of the other 46.
  • Hurley finds a CD player playing Willie Nelson “Are you sure.” – with the question “Are you sure this is where you want to be.” – a very poignant moment as they all contemplate the reality of where they are at.

Great Quotes:

  • ‘If you guys have finished verbally copulating…” – Charlie to Kate and Jack after they have been flirting
  • “Oh you guys have an inside joke how absolutely wonderful for you both.” – Charlie to Kate and Jack while they have been flirting
  • “Little louder Omar and maybe he will understand you” Sawyer to Sayid as he tries to sort out whats happening between Michael and Jin and Sayid tried to talk to Jin

Season 1: Episode 7: The Moth

Charlie starts the terrible withdrawal process and is tempted multiple times to get his drugs back from Lock. Jack is caught in a cave in and Sayid is whacked on the head by an unknown person. This episode continues the story line of the group moving to the cave and Sayid trying to find the signal. We learn alot more about Charlie.

  • The episode starts with Charlie sweating out his withdrawal looking terrible
  • Kate catches Jack looking at her wanted pictured – the interplay between the two continuing to banter about where to stay – Sawyer enters the scene – an appropriate foreshadow of things to come
  • We next see Charlie running from a wild boar and his flashbacks begin – first to his confession with a Priest about his relations with girls – we then meet Charlie’s brother who tells Charlie they have a recording contract – just after Charlie decides to quite the band
  • Then it cuts back to Charlie finishing his run from Lock with the boar having been caught – Charlie isn’t amused and wants his drugs back
  • Meanwhile Sayid continues to work to find the French woman’s transmission – but he needs a laptop battery
  • Kate starts talking with Sawyer and points out what we eventually learn – no one really wants off the island because they have little to go back to…
  • We then see Charlie’s brother Liam trying to talk him out of quitting the band – Charlie makes him promise that if he wants to walk away they will
  • We then find that Jack is caught in a cave in
  • Sayid realizes that surviving the plane crash seems almost improbable – tail section broken, careening through the jungle – they shouldn’t have survived.
  • Meanwhile Boon tries to get Shannon to turn on the radio and bottle rocket to triangulate – it seems dicey
  • We then cut to Drive Shaft performing live and Lian signing over Charlie’s chorus – overshadowing Charlie. We also see Liam start to take drugs.
  • We then see Sawyer catching up with Kate and Sayid and deciding to not tell about Jack because Kate is rude to him
  • Next is an odd scene between Charlie and Lock – where Charlie wants his drugs back. Lock doesn’t seem alarmed about Jack. He then decides to give Charlie a lesson in Moths and how Charlie is like the Moth and if it gets help emerging – it will emerge weak and die. And its the second time Charlie asks for his drugs back.
  • Charlie then shows up willing to climb in and help rescue Jack – he makes it in to help Jack
  • Sawyer finally tells Kate Jack was buried in a cave in – truly being the bad guy. Kate takes off forgetting the radio and rocket with Sawyer. Sawyer looks genuinely sad.
  • As Charlie is crawling through the tunnel he flashes back to Liam taking drugs with a bunch of groupies. Charlie then wants to walk away and Liam goes off about how he is Drive Shaft. Liam tells Charlie he is useless if he isn’t in the band. That then pushes Charlie to try drugs for the first time.
  • Charlie then flashes back to Charlie being in Sydney – Liam has a daughter and Charlie indicates they he can get them a tour. Clearly Liam has a new life away from the rock and roll life.
  • Jack tells Charlie he isn’t useless and it took guts to get him out
  • Then there is a moth Charlie sees (kind of reminds us of the moth Gandalf sees on the top of Saurman’s tower at Pelinor oh yah Dominic was Merry in that movie as well).
  • Jack and Charlie make it out to surprise everyone
  • We then see Sayid set off his rocket and Shannon remembers – then Sawyer sends his off – it seems to find the signal but Sayid gets whacked in the head
  • Kate then shows up with a sling for Jack’s arm
  • So Michael is a cave expert because he worked construction? hmmm…
  • Charlie then asks Lock for his drugs – the third time – Lock gives them to him. Charlie throws them into the fire. He then sees the moth. Is the moth the Island sending hope to Charlie?

Side note – the writers of Lost seem to enjoy having everyone get hit in the head – Sayid gets whacked and it will go and through out the whole show.  Great Quotes:

  • “I wouldn’t mind sharing a few things with her my self.” – Sawyer to Kate and Jack
  • “As we live our lives, its really nothing but a series of choices isn’t it.” – The Priest to Charlie
  • “Sorry you must missed her. Her and Mohammed just went that way.” – Sawyer to Charlie as Charlie tries to find Kate
  • “Lock’s out in the Jungle killing stuff, who knows where he is.” Hurley on where Lock is at when they want him to help dig out Jack
  • “Do you try to be a pig or does it just come naturally.” – Kate to Sawyer

Season 1: Episode 8: Confidence Man

  • Coming soon…

Season 1: Episode 9: Solitary

  • Sayid find a mysterious cable in the sand
  • Jack and Sawyer jaw back and forth about what happened to Sawyer – Sawyer messes with Jack about Kate
  • Sayid gets caught in a trap while following the cable and has a nasty leg wound – we see him hanging in the tree into the night
  • We have a comic relief moment with some guy with hives who is a hypochondriac
  • Sayid wakes up with the French woman asking for where Alex is at and getting electro shock therapy (e.g. torture)
  • We then start the flash back to Sayid’s past to find out he was an Iraqi soldier
  • We then see Ethan… bringing stuff in
  • Michael continues to protect Walt from being with Lock
  • We find out about Nadia and that Sayid has a line he doesn’t want to cross – the girl from his hometown who he played with
  • We then see Michael working on some type of drawing… an aquaduct for fresh water and showers
  • We then find out Nadia is dead because of Sayid
  • Hurley then plans the “Island Open” golf tournament – 2 holes, 3 part and No Waiting
  • We then see the French woman injecting Sayid with some type of substance
  • Then Mr. Hypochondriac wants to play Golf with Jack, Michael, Hurley and Charlie to their chagrin
  • We finally learn the French woman’s name – Daniel and how she got onto the island – they were 3 days out of Tahiti – a storm – instruments malfunctioned and they landed onto the Island.
  • We first hear of the black rock – and the “carriers” – the “others” – Daniel is clearly disturbed – she speaks of whispers in the jungle
  • We then flash to Sayid helping Nadia with fruit and trying to help her from being hurt – she clearly is touching a chord to hope he is a better person
  • Sayid fixes the music box for Daniel – she is very appreciative – Sayid takes a pick for his hand cuff lock – we then hear a loud growl
  • Sayid is then told to execute Nadia – he is clearly disturbed and doesn’t want to hurt her
  • We then see Sayid freeing him self and taking a bunch of Daniel’s maps and a gun
  • Jack comments how Hurley builds a golf course and makes everyone feel safe – truly some way future foreshadowing?
  • Sayid then comes up behind Daniel and they are facing each other with guns
  • We then see Nadia being marched out with a black hood on for her execution – Sayid saves her but he can’t go as they will kill his family if he defects – he then shoots him self so she can escape and he can save him self
  • We find out Daniel shot her love Robert because he was “sick” – she killed all of her survivors
  • Daniel then lets Sayid go with a warning to watch the other survivors closely and we find out Alex was her child
  • Sawyer then shows up to get involved in the betting on if Jack makes the putt
  • We then cut to Locke throwing knives and Walt watching him – Walt wants to learn how to throw knives
  • Sayid hears the voices in the jungle heading back and something “stirring”

Great quotes from the episode

  • “i did something – something I am ashamed of…” Sayid on what he did to Sawyer
  • “We are on an island running from boars, monsters and frickin polar bears” – Hurley
  • “You will find me in the next life if not in this one” – what Nadia wrote on the back of her picture to Sayid


Season 1: Episode 10: Raised by Another

  • The episode opens with Claire hearing a baby crying and she is no longer pregnant
  • She searches for the baby
  • Locke is playing cards and tells her the baby was her responsibility and she gave him away
  • We then see a crib with a mobile with Oceanic airlines airplanes and the crib only has blood in it
  • She then wakes up screaming while Charlie trys to calm her down
  • Claire has blood on her hands
  • We flashback to claire seeing if she is pregnant with some guy – Thomas – she is pregnant
  • Thomas wants to get married
  • We then see Jack and Kate talking on the beach
  • Then Charlie and Claire talking with Charlie helping to take care of her – Charlie tells about his dreams to lighten the mood and expreses his care for her – Claire pushes her away
  • We then flash to Claire getting ready to move in with Thomas and Claire on her way to see a psychic who reads her palms
  • The psychic asks her about the baby even though she didn’t tell him. He then panics and pulls away from her and says he can’t continue.
  • We then cut to Claire saying someone was trying to take her – Ethan is there… and they were trying hurt her baby with a needle
  • So who are Scott and Steve? Hurley has the idea to do a census
  • We then cut back to Thomas coming home to Claire putting up drapes and Thomas tells her he can’t do it – the living together thing
  • We then see Hurley getting the census from Ethan
  • Claire is back with the psychic – she wants the reading. He consents. He said he saw a “blury” thing in her previous reading which was bad. He tells her its important she raise the child. She must parent it or there is danger surrounding it. He tells her she can’t put it up for adoption.
  • The psychic then calls her – he has a plan – again warning of great danger.
  • We then cut to Hurley getting Shannon’s info for the census. Hurley then finds out about the manifest from Boon.
  • Next we see Hurley asking Sawyer for the flight manifest.
  • Claire goes into contractions and then we cut to Claire working out an agreement provide her child to adoption… the pens will not work to sign the paperwork…
  • Claire is then back to the psychic to see what his offer is to help her
  • Charlie then runs into Ethan…. he tells him to get Jack – bad move (but he doesn’t know)
  • The psychic tells her he found a couple in Los Angeles and she will be paid $6K before and after the process
  • Charlie hypothesizes that he knew she would end up on that island
  • Claire then is told by the psychic it has to be that flight – and no other – she then believes he knew
  • We then see Sayid limping through the jungle and makes it to the caves
  • Sayid then warns that they are not alone on the island…
  • Hurley then comes into the cave with the manifest – he realizes one of them isn’t in the manifest – Ethan
  • Ethan then shows up with Charlie and Claire
  • “We don’t have to do each others hair or anything” – Charlie to Claire about being friends
  • “It seems like someone is getting punched or stabbed every other day here” – Hurley
  • “Well gosh you sure know how to butter a man up stay puff” – Sawyer to Hurley
  • “One sugar plum fairy two sugar plum fairy” – charlie counting claire’s contractions

Season 1 Episode 11 – What Ever the Case May Be

  • We see Sawyer following Kate
  • Kate throw a rock at Sawyer’s knee
  • We then see Kate and Sawyer swimming in a lake and they find passengers and wreckage from the plane including a suit case that Kate says is hers
  • Next we see the survivors trying to keep their stuff from washing off the eroding beach
  • Boone and Locke have been looking for Claire
  • Kate flashes back to being in New Mexico at a bank with a bank loan
  • Bank robbers then break in and tell Kate to get down
  • We then see Kate trying to take the brief case from Sawyer – he catcher her and she whacks him good and hard
  • Sayid is asking for help from Shannon to translate Daniel’s maps
  • Meanwhile sawyer is trying to open the case
  • We then see Locke and Boon heading out
  • Charlie is despondent with out Claire while Rose tries to get him back up and going
  • Sawyer is trying to open the case and its hilarious all the things he tries- then Kate sneaks in and takes the case
  • We then flashback to the bank robbery – a gun finds its way to Kate while a hostage tries to free them – we then see Kate in the back kissing the bank robber
  • Meanwhile Shannon is trying to translate the maps
  • Kate explains to Jack that the case belonged to the Marshall and it contains 4 – 9 millimeter guns – Sun is listening in