Beautiful Regions in Italian Countryside that are a Must-Visit

Italy is hands down one of the most beautiful countries in the world, featuring beautiful mounts and valleys, breathtaking cathedrals and a beautiful colosseum, and of course, not forgetting the food. But do you know what is even better? The small towns in Italy hold an appeal that’s next to none for the curious traveler.

Let’s discover together.

The dramatic Sicily

Having been featured in books and several movies, it is no surprise that the dramatic villages and palaces showcasing lavish baroque architecture, Sicily is an amazing countryside destination.

The small city maintains a warm temperature almost throughout the year, with the perfect dose of breeze coming from the sea. The alluring city’s capital of Palermo is a must-see, just like the Zingaro reserve that features rocky beaches, a beautiful mountainous park, and the coastal town of Catania that’s worth a visit.

Puglia:  the home of mouth-watering dishes

Tales of the food in Puglia probably supersede everything else about this region, even though its architecture is also a beauty worth talking about.

Puglia is home to a perfect mix of traditional meals prepared with the best of ingredients and is famous for its sea-urchin spaghetti tomato focaccia Barese and fried courgette flowers alongside anchovies.

With the Adriatic Sea near them, Lakes Lesina and Varano create a striking sight. The Gargano promontory lies in the North-East, featuring breathtaking limestone caves, forests, and quiet villages.

Don’t leave Puglia without making a stop at the Alta Murgia national park, where you can hike and enjoy the limestone scenery.

Tuscany: the region of Romance

You cannot mention Tuscany without gushing about the romantic cities of Siena, Pisa, and Florence.  Be sure to consider renting a car for the full experience.

Tuscany is a region in central Italy that houses beautiful cathedrals with beautiful art, as well as hilltop villages delivering a one-of-a-kind view.

The landscape throughout Florence to Siena, the Carrara marble quarries that surround the city of Lucca, as well as the vineyards leading to Montalcino are all sights that catch the eye and warm the heart. Florence is one of the best places to tour in Europe.

You’ll find several picturesque towns like the San Gimignano situated on small mountains West of Chianti, as well as the eighth-century Volterra you might recognize from the Twilight Saga Movie.

The isolated and charming Umbria

Seated in the center of Italy, separated from other cities, seas, and sights, Umbria builds a name for itself by holding onto its charms and traditions as it remains somewhat undiscovered by many tourists.

Umbria is a simple, rustic region, just as its delicious meals like lentil stews, pasta with wild-boar ragù, and local sausages.

A pastoral countryside Eastwards opens you up to mountainscapes such as the Monti Sibillini national park.

Don’t end your trip until you visit the birth city of St Francis- Assisi, the capital city of Perugia, as well as the Gothic cathedral in Orvieto. Todi is another quiet but charming destination you should make a stop at before you end your tour of Umbria.

Can you see just how much beauty and splendor lies hidden in the countryside of Italy? Begin your exploration at one of these small cities and make your way through until you’ve had a fill of Italy.