Adding Solar Power for Heating Pool

If you want to heat your swimming pool in any day and any season — even winter season — you can do it by adding solar power heating. Aside from giving your pool experience extended enjoyment, it will can also save you lots of money and help in lessening greenhouse gas emissions.

Planning ahead while you’re in the process of designing your patio enclosure for pool is also an important step.  A professional solar panel installer will help choose the best location to place the solar collector panel to get the optimum amount of solar energy for as long as possible. With proper planning, you can get the maximum benefits with this type of alternative energy that will heat your swimming pool.

Your swimming pool already consists of the pump, controller and the filter, as well as the PVC pipes where the water circulates. The pump, which filters the water into the pool, will also do the job of circulating water through the solar collectors. The pool itself serves as thermal storage. The solar heating system will be able to heat the pool even during the freezing winter season. These systems consist of simple, glazed or unglazed plastic collectors, the same type fo solar collectors used for regular water heating.Choose a solar energy company that is reputable and has thorough knowledge and many years of experience in installing solar panels is a key step. Explore the options before hiring a company which will help you in developing a solar pool heating system that you will benefit from as well as at a price that you can afford. Make sure they have good experience and references.You need to follow these steps in order to have a solar power in heating your pool.

1) Study and review the amount of energy that will be needed for your swimming pool.

The solar power installer will help you calculate your property’s current energy consumption, and then build the pool heating system that will meet your pool heating needs for all year round. Just keep in mind that the larger collector you will install, the more solar power that you will get, thus better heating for your swimming pool – but also the higher cost.

2) Plan on a schedule for solar pool system installation

Next, you have to schedule the time with a solar energy company in regards to installation of the solar pool system. Fortunately, this installation shouldn’t take too long and won’t interfere with your swimming pool activities.

3) You may also want to consider on expanding your solar heating system.

Solar pool covers enable you to heat your water pool to an even higher temperature or for extended periods by mitigating heat loss. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a heated-up swimming even in the freezing winter season. Installing solar heating is also a great investment and can appreciate the value of your property. Hiring the services of a solar energy service company will help you realize your dreams of having a swimming pool heated by alternative energy, the solar power. Thus you will be able to enjoy your swimming season much longer. The solar pool heating system will also save you from electricity bills, and contribute well to our environment.