A New, Classic Twist for Your Favorite Characters

What is completely new and yet totally familiar? The new commemorative The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Doll Collection by the renowned Madame Alexander Doll Company.

They have recreated your favorite characters with an updated, sure-to-become-classic look.

Read the full press release from The Alexander Doll Company below!

NEW Commemorative The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Dolls Designed by the Iconic Madame Alexander Doll Company!

(New York, NY) – From the time Dorothy landed in Munchkinland, Madame Alexander has created exclusive dolls based on the classic film. Seventy-five years later, the journey continues with an exciting new limited-edition collection of the classic characters re-imagined in a Steam Punk style, as well as special collectible dolls in celebration of the classic movie’s 75th anniversary.

The Madame Alexander Doll Company is excited to introduce a new Limited-Edition Steam Punk The Wizard of Oz 16″ Doll Collection. Inspired by 19th-century sci-fi and fantasy, these brand-new Steam Punk-style dolls re-envision the classic The Wizard of Oz characters – Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda the Good Witch. Continuing the Madame Alexander Doll Company tradition of “love in the details,” each doll will come with the classic characters’ accessories.

Limited Edition Steam Punk Dorothy – $199.95

Dressed in a blue and white gingham skirt, brown velour corset with gold ribbon and a white cotton shirt, this 16″ fully articulated brown-eyed, brunette-braided Dorothy is set to enter Emerald City. Blue knit thigh-highs, ruby red boots and a black flock-top hat adorned with white and black feathers and gold goggles complete the look. A silver “robot-like” Toto is carried in a white woven basket.

Limited Edition Steam Punk Wicked Witch of the West – $199.95

This 16″ fully articulated Wicked Witch of the West, brunette with brown eyes, is quite fetching interpreted in the Steam Punk style. Green with envy, she is dressed in a green and black taffeta and silk dupioni dress accented with green on green stripes. Buttons and gears embellish her bodice as does a big green tulle bow. Her stylishly floppy black hat is made of dupioni and it is also accented in green tulle. Other accents include a choker, black suede lace-up boots, and lace stockings – a real wicked witch indeed. Steam Punk Wicked Witch of the West is ready to get on her broom and fly over Emerald City!

Limited Edition Steam Punk Glinda the Good Witch – $199.95 

With red hair and brown eyes, the 16″ fully articulated Glinda the Good Witch is ready to take on the Wicked Witch of the West in true Steam Punk style. Her embroidered pink layered petal skirt accented with a sheer pink train is paired with an embroidered pink satin off-the-shoulder bodice tied with gold ribbon and accented by a gold “gear” butterfly and gold nailheads. A pale pink taffeta petticoat, pink glissenette thigh-highs and gold glitter boots complement the outfit. Ribbons, feathers and watch gears adorn a pink felt top hat, while a gold wired wand, topped with a heart-shaped sphere, complete the look.

In addition, Madame Alexander will be honoring the iconic film’s 75th anniversary milestone with a collectable assortment of dolls. Each doll will come with a commemorative anniversary box depicting Emerald City.

75th Anniversary Glinda the Good Witch – $109.95

Madame Alexander’s 8″ “Maggie” with straight leg is transformed into Glinda the Good Witch. With a head of taffy curls and blue eyes, Glinda is dressed in a V-neck pink organza gown with mutton sleeves and studded with silver pinheads, stars and a waistband of metallic silver braid. She wears pink patent leather flats. Her crown and wand are adorned with silver rhinestones.

75th Anniversary Wicked Witch of the West – $109.95

This 8″ witch with black eyes and green skin wears her hair in a topknot and side-swept bangs. Her black rayon dress features a high round neck bodice, mutton sleeves with black binding straps and a circular A-line floor length skirt with a slight train. Over the dress is a corset that ties in the back with a small bag that hangs from the waist. A large circular cape tops the outfit. The Wicked Witch of the West wears black flock flats, a black hat and carries a broom with black beaded details.

75th Anniversary Wicked Witch of the East – $109.95

Before she was toppled by the house, the Wicked Witch of the East wore the lovely Ruby Slippers. This 8″ Wendy (straight leg), a blonde blue-eyed witch, is wearing a grey and lilac dress, trimmed in white rickrack, with leg-o-mutton sleeves of grey and black striped jersey. A shorter front hem reveals matching grey and black tights and those notable sparkling bowed Ruby Slippers. A black flock corset with black satin lacings is worn over the dress and topped with a red circular cape, and of course a matching witch’s hat. Every witch needs her broom, and this one carries one with a grey handle and straw bristles – adorned by a tan satin ribbon.

75th Anniversary Dorothy Arrives in Munchkinland – $109.95

As Dorothy arrives in Munchkinland, her world turns to living color. This 8″ fully articulated Wendy doll with brunette braids and brown eyes is dressed in a sepia checked pinafore and white puffed sleeve cotton blouse. Her white eyelet petticoat is trimmed in multicolored poppies with gold metallic thread. She wears white anklets trimmed in lace and sepia lace flats.

Madame Alexander’s Traditional 8″ and Washable The Wizard of Oz collections were available throughout 2014. You can still find similar dolls on Amazon if you are trying to complete your collection.

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