A Complete Guide To Interior Door Styles

Interior doors, the unsung home design heroes, are more than portals from one room to another. They hold the power to add a dash of style, a touch of elegance, or a burst of color to your living space.

This guide will help you navigate the fascinating world of interior door styles from Door Digest and choose the perfect one for your home. Read on for all the details.

Understanding the Role of Interior Doors

Interior doors play a crucial double role in our homes. Firstly, they serve as reliable privacy barriers, effectively controlling noise levels between rooms and enhancing the functionality of our living spaces.

Secondly, these doors serve as aesthetic boosters, with their carefully crafted designs and finishes contributing to your home’s overall feel and look. From classic panel doors to modern glass options, the wide range of choices allows you to personalize your living spaces and create a truly unique and inviting atmosphere.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Interior Door Styles

When choosing an interior door style, several factors come into play.


The material of the door is crucial, with options ranging from classic wood to modern metal or elegant glass. Each material has its perks and pitfalls, so weighing these before deciding is vital.

Home Decor

Your chosen door style should harmoniously blend with the rest of your home decor. A rustic barn door might seem out of place in a minimalist, modern home, just as a sleek, glass door could clash with a vintage, Victorian-style interior.


Budget is another important consideration. Some door styles are more cost-effective than others, but remember, quality often comes at a price. Lastly, consider maintenance requirements. Some doors require regular upkeep to keep them looking their best, while others are more low-maintenance.

Popular Interior Door Styles

Let’s delve into some popular interior door styles:

  • Panel Doors: Traditional and versatile, panel doors feature raised or recessed panels and fit well in classic and contemporary homes.
  • Flush Doors: These doors are flat and simple, making an excellent fit for modern, minimalist interiors.
  • French Doors: Characterized by their double-door style and glass panes, French doors add a touch of elegance and allow natural light to flow between rooms.
  • Sliding Doors: Ideal for saving space, sliding doors move horizontally along a track and are perfect for small homes or apartments.
  • Pocket Doors: These doors gracefully glide into a discreet compartment within the wall, making them an impeccable choice for confined spaces.
  • Barn Doors: With their rustic charm, barn doors gracefully glide along a sturdy mounted track, creating a striking design statement.
  • Dutch Doors: These doors are designed with a horizontal division, enabling independent opening of the top and bottom halves. They have a charming appeal, and functionality and are ideal for kitchens or playrooms.

Choosing Door Hardware

Door hardware, like knobs and hinges, is the cherry on top of your interior door. It completes the look and can turn an ordinary door into a style statement. Choose hardware that complements your room’s door style and overall decor.

Installation Considerations

Finally, consider whether you’ll install the door yourself or hire a professional. While DIY can save money, professional installation ensures the job is done right. Common challenges include aligning the door correctly and ensuring it swings or slides smoothly.

Unlocking the Perfect Interior Door Styles for Your Home

Choosing an interior door style isn’t just about picking a door that opens and closes. It’s about selecting a design that enhances your home’s aesthetics, meets your functionality needs, and fits your budget. So take your time, weigh your options, and open the door to a more stylish home.