A commercial ice maker buying guide

If you are tired of spending your money on bagged ice or you cannot store enough ice to meet demand, then it’s a good idea to get a commercial ice maker. Buying an ice maker for your business can seem like a simple thing, but there are several things that you should consider to make sure that the model you decide to buy may meet your requirements and needs.

And, understanding your options can make it easier to choose the right ice maker for your business. Thankfully, reputable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Ice Maker Depot have ice makers that can meet the needs of your business. This article is a commercial ice maker buying guide.

A commercial ice maker

It’s worth mentioning that a commercial ice maker is suitable for business premises. This can be for drinks of all varieties, medical uses, or food display. In most cases, they usually have an attached water source as well as a waste outlet drain that has a storage bin designed to hold the ice produced.

A commercial ice maker can often produce large amounts of ice at a fast rate during the 24-hour period. This is because it’s designed for high-frequency use, meaning they can withstand tough working conditions. It’s fitted with several features to help it to deliver efficiency, performance, food safety, hygiene, and many more. Remember that commercial ice makers can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of ice, each suitable for different uses.

Most of the commercial ice makers you can find on the market require a mains water connection because of the high output production. But you can also find small countertop models that have manual fill systems ideal for occasional and light-duty use.

Types of ice

Before you decide to purchase an ice maker, you have to know the type of ice that you want. Today, manufacturers tend to offer a wide range of ice shapes in a variety of sizes. You should note that all types of ice usually have unique characteristics when it comes to water content and production techniques, making them suitable for each distinct application.

There are cubes which come as the traditional square often associated with standard ice. This shape can melt slowly and cools quickly, and it’s good for general purpose use. Because you can produce this ice quickly, you can use it in pubs and bars. Also, cubes are called full or half size, so make sure that you find the right ice maker to produce cubes.

There is also flaked or shaved ice that is mainly used for food display and storage. Flaked ice can be shredded from solid blocks to have soft shavings that you can compact and mold to make an ice bed for fresh foods, such as fish. Besides, this ice can also be used in laboratories as well as the medical industry. This ice can be harvested when it’s just below 0°C.

You can also use ice flakes as a cooling method for champagne and wine and for cocktail use when it comes to crushing and blending. This ice gives the least resistance and exerts less strain on crushing and blending blades when you use it in an ice crusher. You can find flaked ice machines in modular or integral formats.


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