5 Popular Henri Matisse Paintings

Art and painting is all around us as a means of creative expression.  Henri Matisse is one of the most prominent names when it comes to modern art that has been closely linked with the incredible utilization of colors to evoke a mood.

Paintings by Matisse are known to exude his sense of commendable composition. In fact, Henri Matisse is extensively acknowledged to be one of the greatest artists of the modern era. Till today, Matisse’s influences pulsate through the art and design world.

Recognized as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Matisse’s paintings net worth mounts to be $86 Million before he died. So, here we have listed down the top 5 popular paintings by Matisse that are known to be few of his best works.

1. Dance (I)

Henri Matisse dance

The masterpiece Dance’ was painted in 1910 and is an expansion of detail in the painting La Joie de Vivre which was painted in 1905. Matisse had the idea while seeing peasants perform Sardana dance on a beach in the south of France.

Originally commissioned by a Russian industrialist, Sergei Shchukin, Dance (I) is one of the artist’s most celebrated work. ‘Matisse Dance’ has yet again made his work seem effortless by loosely drawing the figures that have no intramural definition. The figures have closely been linked to being similar to bean bag dolls due to their formless and unrestrained movements.

Even though this painting is recognized as a preparatory sketch more than a full-fledged oil painting, the comparison drawn between the initial and final versions is quite instructive. The design of the painting was borrowed by Matisse from the back of the painting, Bonheur de Vivre even though he has eliminated one dancer. Find the latest reproduction of Dance by Matisse at

2. Bouquet of mixed flowers

This painting showcases a bouquet that is fresh and portrays as a complete source of happiness. The painting is brought to life by the usage of pure colors and dynamic brushstrokes. While the coolness of the blue color focused in the central part of the painting highlights depth, the yellow-orange seems to confirm the flatness of the masterpiece.

Moreover, the bright green and greyish-blue hues contrast well with a spark of yellow to produce a sensation of soft balmy light. Matisse assimilates a still life in this painting done in oils which seems to appear extremely light, fresh and un-scattered like a watercolor. Not to forget, the great Matisse painting’s net worth is estimated to be $86 Million as of today.

3. The Goldfish


Like all paintings by Matisse, this one too showcases fine lines and bold colors but there’s more to this masterpiece. Each component of the painting feels like a transient period, preserved for eternity and still one can’t quite state the exact time or place.

The subject matter of the painting is the goldfish itself which immediately catches our attention due to the bright orange color that contrasts well with subtle pink and green hues surrounding the fishbowl and the blue-green backdrop. Matisse has made use of the combination of complementary colors like blue and orange along with green and red to make the composition look even more radiant.

This is one approach that was extensively used by the Fauv School and can also be seen in one of the old canvases of Matisse, Le Bonheur de Vivre.

4. Open Window at Collioure

This one is a classic that belongs to the Fauve School of the early modern era. Matisse plays with intense color schemes, creates a sense of volume and spatial depth using the contemporary combination of light and dark. Each component of the painting- the interior of the room, the window, the balcony, the harbor view can be seen exuding an illusion of reverberating cross-rhythms.

Painted in Collioure, this painting is characterized by a staggering array of saturated and unalloyed colors that cast a beautiful amalgamation of techniques from post-impressionism and neo-impressionism. So, don’t wait for any further to order the latest oil reproduction of Open Window at Collioure, 1905 at

5. The Purple Coat

The Purple Coat or Woman in a Purple Coat is a painting that portrays Henri Matisse’s caretaker of many years, Lydia Delectorskaya. She is seen adorning Moroccan attire in the painting along with a fusion of speculative design and alluring colors. The subject matter of the painting is Lydia herself who immediately catches our attention due to the vivid purple coat having a black outline.

Additionally, the painting also gives a feeling of three dimensions as though she can start walking anytime. Matisse beautifully reveals the look of Lydia as having long golden hair, blue eyes and fair skin, depicting her as “The look of an ice princess”.

Masterpieces to Marvel At

Henry Matisse has curated some of the most incredible masterpieces of all time. While it may be an uphill task to own an original work of art, you can always have your favorite piece reproduced to accentuate the beauty of your home or office.