Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Incense for Your Home


There is no shortage when it comes to incense options. A simple search on Google or your favorite search engine will return thousands of results, and they come in all sizes and shapes. And while having a variety of incense options isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it makes it more difficult to choose one type to buy. The internet may have just made it somewhat easier to purchase incense, but you must be wary not to fall for the first option that pops up on your computer. 

One type of incense that is currently trending is the Palo Santo sticks. Originating in South America, many people prefer it for its characteristic scent and many health benefits. In this article, we tell you how to go about purchasing the right incense for your home. Plus, we will advise you whether Palo Santo kaufen is the right option for you. Keep reading to learn more. 

Focus on scents that are made from 100% natural ingredients

The availability of several types of incense in the market makes it incredibly difficult to tell the good stuff from an average one. It can be difficult to find high-quality incense, like Palo Santo. One of the things that define the best-quality fragrance is if it is made of purely natural ingredients. When buying your fragrance, look for ingredients like dried herbs and plants, essential oils, and pure resin. Not only does quality, 100% natural incense guarantees a superior fragrance, but it is also the best thing for your health. You should avoid cheap mass-produced incense as they tend to have wood-pulp bases that appear like particle boards. When used with artificial fragrances, these incenses can cause allergic reactions and headaches.

Consider the Burning Method and Form of the Incense

One key factor that you should consider before you Palo Santo kaufen is the form it is availed in and how it is supposed to be lit. Sticks and cones tend to be the easiest to light. Generally, incense is divided into two broad categories depending on how they are burned. These are direct and indirect types.

  • Direct Burning Incense

It contains a combustible material designed to help it burn continuously without requiring an additional source of the fire. Some of the main types of direct burning incense are incense cones, sticks, Palo Santo, and coils. 

  • Indirect Burning Incense

Indirect burning incense does not contain combustible materials. They often require a separate source of heat for them to burn. Typically, these sources often include burning embers and charcoal. Examples of these types of incense are powder incense and resins.

Consider the Amount of Smoke that will be emitted

Another thing you must take into account before you purchase any type of incense is if you can tolerate the amount of smoke that it emits. Since sticks burn longer, they are often smokier. Also, charcoal discs can be incredibly smoky. You must open your windows if you use charcoal discs. I like using paper incense in the morning since it burns for around five minutes. 

Cones are good middle ground. If you want a type of incense that gives off whiter and tidier smokes, you must take note to avoid incenses that have a bamboo core. The bamboo core often makes the fragrance have a smoky smell. 

Choose a popular scent.

Every person will have a specific scent that they like. However, some scents tend to be universally popular. If you want a popular scent, look for woody and warm scents, for example, myrrh, palo santo, and sandalwood. Their meditative, mood-boosting, and healing qualities make them especially popular among buyers. 

On the other hand, peppermint and lavender are relaxing scents that can alleviate anxiety and stress. Frankincense is also another good option. This earthy and all-natural variety is mostly liked by aromatherapy. It is referred to as pure incense and has a fruity and spicy nuance in its odor. Frankincense is comforting and also stimulates the immune system. 

Go for a personal scent

Self-reflection is important when selecting an incense scent for your home. Some of the things that might help you identify a scent that is personal to you are to consider where you have visited. Think back to find the scent that reminds you of a beautiful moment in your past. Another way is to think of your grandma’s favorite scent. Scents are mightily personal, so no choice can be said to be wrong. Additionally, the room that you intend to burn the scent in will play a big role in the incense type that you buy. For example, some scents like vetiver and lavender tend to be the most appropriate for a bedroom. 

Processing Method

Another thing you want to take into account is the way the incense has been processed. Hand-rolling is the most traditional method of processing incense sticks. This method involves rolling an incense mixture into combustible sticks.  

Other methods of processing, for example, extrusion, involve molding incense mixture into a stick using a hand or machine press. Nowadays, in the case of large, more rapid incense stick production, machines are used for compressing the incense powder to form sticks. 

Know the Incense Burners and Holders 

It is also important to have some knowledge about an external heating source like charcoal, and incense stick burner. This is important considering that incense doesn’t burn the same way. 

A flat wooden tray is the most popular among all incense burners. Most of the time, a flat wooden tray is carved from a flat bamboo piece and often contains a curved end. It has a small hole wherein can be placed an incense stick. 

The next incense holder that is equally popular is the wooden coffin box holder. These holders are long and rectangular. They often have a lid. 

Holders can double up as storage for incense sticks. The base compartment is made in such a way that you can open it from the side. This way, incense sticks can easily slide out. 


With so many options of incense in the market, choosing the one fragrance for your home can pose a challenge. Rather than going out into the market to Palo Santo kaufen, arm yourself with the right information. You need to take things like processing method, your preferred scent type, and smokiness into account. This guarantees an easy time when you go on to buy an incense fragrance.