Your Guide to Finding the Best Home Gym Equipment

Whether you like it or not, it’s winter. It’s cold, dark, and wet. Exercise often gets put on back burner during these long, dreary months. Some people enjoy the challenge of a winter run, but more often than not, the weather is too icy or snowy for the average person to get outside for exercise. Are you spending more time binge-watching TV than getting the recommended 75 minutes per week of physical activity? Motivating yourself to get off the couch can be a challenge in the winter, especially if you’re working from home due to lockdown regulations. Such regulations also make it difficult (or, depending on where you are, impossible) to hit the gym. 

Why not bring the gym to your home? If you’re already spending most of your time inside and don’t want to exercise in cold temperatures, building a personal gym with the right equipment at home will allow you to get the physical activity you need to stay healthy and happy.

Exercise isn’t only about improving your physical appearance; it also makes people feel good. Physical activity releases chemicals called endorphins, triggering a pleasurable sensation in the brain. It’s vital to keep moving to maintain good mental health and your spirits up throughout this cold and dark season. Do you have some space in your home for a few pieces of equipment? You don’t need a lot of gear to create a personal gym — just one or two things you love to use. Let’s look at where you can find the best home gym equipment. And here is the best treadmill melbourne sale we can recommend. 

Sport Chek

Whether it’s dumbbell weights or a yoga mat you’re looking for, Sport Chek has it all. Visit their website to see their fitness equipment inventory. You’ll find home-workout essentials of all forms, shapes, and sizes. If you live in a smaller space, such as an apartment, dumbbells and a yoga mat might be excellent tools for you to use, rather than a bulky treadmill or cross-training machine.  


Whatever fitness item you’re looking for, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ll find it at Walmart. Walmart offers a broad selection of home gym necessities, from exercise machines to mixed martial arts gear. You can also purchase essential sports medicine items to alleviate any body pain you may experience during strenuous workouts. The ubiquitous superstore also offers supportive tools, such as massage tables and acupressure therapy balls, for your post-exercise cooldown.

Creating Your Dream Gym at Home

To locate the best fitness equipment retailers near you, visit Shopping Canada — your online shopping directory. If you’re wondering where to shop in Canada and which malls have your favourite fitness stores, this directory will guide you to where you want to go. You can enter your current location to find specific shopping centres near you and see which fitness stores are in your area. You’ll also find excellent weekly deals and flyers, as well as customer reviews on stores and shopping centres. 

Feel your best this winter by building a personal gym in your home. With just a few pieces of equipment, small or large, you’ll have the physical tools and support you’ll need to make it through the winter season healthy and happily.