Your Car Is Proclaimed a Total Loss – Now What?

Weather events are one way a vehicle can be declared a write off. Hail damage, floods, tsunami, heavy rains, and tornadoes are some of these events.

If your automobile is damaged and after assessment, the insurance company proclaims it a total loss, what next?

Several things can be done, with getting cash for cars being a great option.

The Insurance Agency Has Proclaimed It a Total Loss

Cover providers have different policies. Despite this, there is a common method that most companies will use.

For instance, they will sum up the cost of repairs to get the car back on the road. They then take the salvage value.

If the restoration cost plus the salvage value surpasses the worth prior to the damage, it is proclaimed as a total loss. This method is known as the ‘Total Loss formula’.

Repair Cost and Salvage Value

When these two are equivalent or in excess of the monetary value of the vehicle, most people opt for cash for cars. The restoration cost is the amount of money that is spent to get it back on the road.

On the other hand, salvage worth is how much you get if you sell the automobile as is to a salvage yard. The make, model, year of manufacture, and mileage are some factors considered in determining salvage worth.

What to Do With a Smashed Vehicle

The car has been proclaimed a write off by the insurance agency. What next? Perhaps, you do not want to make a claim or sell it to the policy provider.

Who else will buy it? Will you be at a loss if you do not sell it to them? The answer is no. Before you can make a decision, get the appraisal from the company.

Proceed to get quotes of the motor from various cash for cars companies. The deal out there could be better than what you get when you sell it to the insurance company.

Take your time until you are content with an offer. Only sell when you are comfortable with the decision.

What Happens When You Have a Loan Out on the Car

Unfortunately, a car can be totaled even when it’s a few minutes on the road. It is not only old vehicles that get totaled!

But what happens when you have a loan out of it? In such a case, the repayment plan will continue. After all, you have to pay for it.

Again, policy providers have different policies, and it is advisable to get clarity on how to go about it. Before you can seek cash for cars services, get to understand better.

Keeping Your Car

If you do not want to leave the insurance firm with the car, you can keep it.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you wish to repair the car (if it is still repairable) you will take the burden. The car is a salvage thus, you should treat it as one and opt to get cash for it.

Will there be a payment from the cover agency? It is a valid enquiry. Yes, they will pay you a specific amount of money after they do the estimations.

They take the cash worth of the car, and they deduct the salvage worth and the deductibles. The difference is what you are paid.

When You Decide To Sell the Car to the Insurance Firm

The car needs to be handed over to the organization. You will have to walk away without it once you do the paperwork, but you will have a check. You get paid the actual cash value less the deductible.

You hand over everything to do with the car including the keys, lean information, and the title. You can never claim ownership once you accept the check.

Why You Should Sell Your Smashed Vehicle

A totaled car will not be useful in any way as it cannot be driven. Cash for cars services is in the business of buying such vehicles.

It is a free service that you do not have to pay for. Even for hauling the car away, you do not have to pay a dime. They cover all the costs and still pay you.

Evaluations and offers are also free, and you have no obligation to take the price given. Another thing that you do not need to worry about is hidden fees. There is none of that.

The guarantee you get is another advantage. There will be no hurry in making a decision. Most of these agencies will give you up to seven days to make up your mind.

Getting Cash for Your Car

Having a wrecked car in your driveway, garage, or yard is an eyesore. It is something you do not wish your visitors to see.

To prevent the shame that comes with a totaled car that will no longer run, it should be disposed of. Cash for cars services offers a convenient and rewarding solution.

It does not matter whether it lost some parts, it is old or new, some parts are working while others are not. Large or small, it will be easy to get paid for it.

Besides getting the money, you will be keeping your compound clean and safe. If it is parked somewhere else other than your home, it must be removed. You would rather get paid for it instead of being a problem to the environment.


Hail damage can be quite extensive to the point a car is pronounced a total loss. It is always disheartening for the car owner when this happens.

If it is totaled, the insurance firm will pronounce it as so. There are several options with cash for cars services being an ideal one.

With this option, the condition, make, or model of the automotive will not be a snag. You will sell it even if it is totaled, and there will be no unsightly scene due to a damaged vehicle in your compound.