Working with Precious Metals with a Company Like Goldco

Goldco is a company that sells precious metals for personal use or precious metals IRAs. They have been in business since 2006 and have been rated at the top of the industry many times since then. They have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Triple A by the Business Consumer Alliance, and 2022 Company of the Year.

There are many companies that are similar to Goldco, and they all do the same thing. Some have the same type of ratings, some are better, and some are worse. They all sell precious metals for whatever reason you may need them.

Goldco has great reviews as an employer on different sites. You can look on Indeed to read the reviews there. They have at least one five-star review from an employee that shows how satisfied they were.

This article will give you some ideas about working for a company that sells precious metals such as Goldco. It will help give you an advantage over others who wish to work for a company such as this. You can also do more research to get the information that you need.

Working with Precious Metals

Working with Precious Metals

There are many jobs that you could have if you want to work with precious metals. You can have the fun and excitement of working in any of these fields. Some of these positions are unique to the field.

  1. Precious Metals Broker

A person who is a precious metals broker will act as an intermediary within the industry. They will buy and sell precious metals for individuals or institutions. They will also provide individuals with the trading forms they need such as futures, spot trading, swaps, and options.

They will also invest in other materials that are not precious metals. They could invest in sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. Brokers will usually have experience working at an institution that has dealt with buying and selling these metals or in the commodities market.

  1. Precious Metals Worker

A general worker in this industry will be involved in the manufacturing of these items. This is an incredibly broad field and can encompass many different jobs. They could even work in different industries to create and build things such as aircraft, cars, ships, and tools.

Especially with all those different industries there are many jobs that you could do. These include teaching at an engineering school, becoming a materials scientist, or working in the sustainable energy industry.

  1. Goldsmith

These are craftsmen who are highly skilled, and they make things such as jewelry and other special items that are made from precious metals. They can also design things such as artistic items, spoons, and buckles. See here for what a goldsmith does. They need to have an eye for detail so that they can make beautiful items.

Goldsmiths work with many tools such as hammers and chisels. They use these heavy tools to create intricate designs on many different metal items. This could be jewelry, badges, and helmets, as well as many other items.


  1. Precious Metals Sales Agent

You can make lots of money as a sales agent in this industry. To be successful in this position, you should have experience with coins, collectibles, and all precious metals. This will help you to have a very lucrative career.

The primary responsibility in this position is to manage as well as expand the company accounts and their portfolios. They will be buying, selling, and trading valuables such as coins and metals. Most of this job is done over the phone and you need to be assertive and confident while on the job.

  1. Precious Metals Marketing Expert

This is a similar position to the sales agent and needs similar skills. This person in this position should have experience in coins and precious metals. They should also have communication skills and basic marketing skills.

This person will be an outspoken spokesperson that will help to build understanding and awareness of the industry. This will help them to increase their ability to achieve the company’s financial goals.

  1. Goldsmith Apprentice

This is a beginning job that helps you to learn about being a goldsmith. This person will usually work with master goldsmiths and organizations. These smiths and organizations will train the person to learn the industry.

An apprenticeship will allow for one-on-one training with an expert in the field. They will be in a workplace setting so that they can learn all about the trade. There are expert apprenticeships in many companies, even Goldco should have an apprenticeship available.

Goldsmith Apprentice

  1. Junior Precious Metals Sales Associate

This is truly a beginning position in this industry and can be done by anyone that wants to enter the field. This is training as you work a job, and you can learn it in as little as a few days. You need to be coachable, motivated, and responsible to do this job.

To do this job, you typically follow a phone script that has been written for you. You work for a commission which you must share with senior sales associates. This gives you hands-on experience in this industry.

  1. Material Operator

This is a position in the production end of the business. You will be responsible for monitoring, planning, and coordinating the materials: You might need to maintain logs, process some data, record production, and observe and record key process indicators to make sure that the equipment is functioning properly.

They must make sure that the materials are organized and make sure that they are sealed properly and weighed before they are shipped. They could be responsible for making sure that rules are followed and ensuring that the equipment’s health is maintained to be in compliance with all local and government regulations.

  1. Maintenance Technician

There are many levels of maintenance technicians for beginners and experienced technicians. You will begin at Level One and proceed to move on from there. You can apply for those higher levels once you have gained experience from Level One.

You will need to inspect, repair, and diagnose faulty equipment. You will also need to troubleshoot all the systems and follow the blueprints to make sure that the material components and then perform general plant maintenance.

  1. Precious Metals Marketing Associate

As a marketing associate, you will be learning as you go along. It is the perfect entry-level job for getting into this industry. In this position, you will work with the marketing leader to help with all his responsibilities.

You will help to develop sales materials, promotional materials, and call scripts. You might be able to work with social media to get your product out there. You could also work with emails and advertisements.


There are many positions that you could have in the precious metals industry. This could be directly working with the metals in many capacities. You could also work indirectly in other positions.

You could work in sales and marketing, or you could work in the technical aspects of the industry. You could also work as a goldsmith or even as an apprentice to a goldsmith. It depends on what you like to do.

You could begin in an entry-level position and work your way up as you gain experience. There are so many jobs that you could do in this industry if you like working with precious metals. There is a position for everybody.