Windows And Doors Mississauga: Understanding Different Styles

Windows and Doors Mississauga Styles and Designs

When it comes to choosing windows and doors Mississauga, you can get lost by many choices available for you to choose from. That is why it is essential to know more about various styles and designs available in the market.

There is more to windows apart from glazing. Below is a description about the designs and practical uses of most popular windows and doors Mississauga styles being used in our homes today.

1. Single Sash Windows

It is made up of two panels which are vertically arranged. The simplicity of its design has made it a preferred choice for most windows and doors Mississauga replacement projects. The bottom panel of a sing hung sash allows the flow of air by moving up with the top panel always in a fixed position.  Be sure to learn about house window types as well.

2. Double Hung Windows

It has two vertical arranged panels which can be moved up and down. This window type is most widely used of all styles of windows. The two sashes can be opened to allow flow of air in the room.

Besides, a homeowner can choose to close the bottom sash in case he has small children and pets and open the top sash.

3. Casement Windows

This window opens like a door because of the operable panel (installed in pairs or singly) design which hangs on a hinge. It is a widely used window design and if you have had windows and doors Mississauga replacement project, you should have used it.

4. Awning Window

It is casement window type which is mounted vertically and the hinge is on the top to enable the window to open from the bottom to the top. The window allows flow of air without debris getting in. most importantly, you can open this window even when it is raining.

5. Bay windows

These windows have come a long way since they were used in castles during the old days. Bay windows Mississauga are really loved today in the mansions and most modest homes because they allow enough light to get into the room while the sun is moving across the sky during the day.

6. Bow Windows

This window type uses more glass compared to bay window. It relies on curved architecture. More glass is used in order to account for the curvature of the window.

7. Jalousie Window

The window operates like a venetian blind, it is made up of thin and staggered glass strips which open and close at the same time.

8. Palladian Window

This type of windows Mississauga consists of a large panel which contains an arched top and two smaller side panels.

9. Sliding Sash Window

It is made up of sashes which are mounted horizontally and they slide on a track to open and close quickly. These sliders are the best window types to mount on a sink or a counter where there is a barrier to access.

10. Fixed window

As the name suggests, these windows don’t open. The windows are mounted on exterior walls to allow natural light in the room. The window comes in all types of sizes and shapes though custom choices are also available.

You can check WindowTech Windows and Doors to learn more about these window styles.