Window Replacement in Vancouver: Popular Styles and Pricing

Shopping for new windows in Canada might be challenging, especially in Vancouver. There are so many options when it comes to choosing window styles, hardware, glazing, and companies to deal with that homeowners just get dizzy.

To make it easier for you to understand what you need, together with Ecoline, Vancouver window replacement experts, we have come up with this post that elaborates on popular window styles and pricing. Tag along!

Casement & Awning Windows

The most popular windows here in Vancouver use sliding sashes or a cranking mechanism to be opened. And the most typical types when it comes to windows of a “crank group” are awning and casement units. The most significant difference between these 2 styles is that awning windows are equipped with hinges along the top of the unit, while casement windows use hinges on the side.

When you turn the crank on an awning window, it opens from the bottom and raises the glass outside and away from the frame. A casement window goes through the same process, but the unit opens either to the left or the right, just like the ordinary door. These units are super popular among Vancouver homeowners because of their versatility and comfort.

Crank windows pros:

  • Great ventilation
  • Much natural light coming to your space
  • Easy installation
  • High energy efficiency

Sliding Windows

A sliding window, also known as a slider (or glider), is equipped with two or more glass panels that can slide along the track. When you choose sliding windows, you have 2 popular choices here – a single slider or a double slider. The first window has one fixed sash and another moveable, while a double slider uses both sashes to glide as you wish. You can also check out Maverick Windows in Houston for more great options.

Considering a sliding window is usually installed horizontally, your house may need some changes to allow a wider frame than it is tall. These windows are also great when it comes to energy efficiency but somewhat inferior to casement units. However, gliders have their own benefits:

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas and small spaces
  • Exceptional airflow control
  • Allow for much daylight coming in
  • Unobstructed view outside thanks to huge glass area

Hung Windows

Another popular group of windows – Hung windows. You get here 2 main options – Single Hung and Double-Hung units. You can think of these windows just as sliders but vertical. The concept is the same – 1 sash movable and 1 fixed. In the case of double-hung units, both sashes are movable.

Popular Windows in Vancouver: Pricing

The price tag is the part that interests homeowners the most. In the window industry, you literally get what you are paying for. The cheapest unit will likely bring you issues in future, and at the same time, you might not need the most expensive one. Here is the table with a typical price range for the most popular window styles in Vancouver

Awning, $ Casement, $ Single Hung, $ Single Slider, $ Picture, $
Vancouver 494 – 1199 444 – 2116 305 – 1429 391 – 1724 210 – 2231