Will We See Iron Mike Again?

A few weeks ago there had been some rumblings in the boxing scene that Iron Mike Tyson was getting in shape to step back into the ring after fifteen years of absence, and he looked phenomenal for a 53 year old man showing that time has been kind to the former heavyweight champ – although there had been plenty of chatter around just who he would fight, it seems that nothing has yet materialized – but will we eventually see Tyson back in the ring?

One of the more public offers went out to lineal heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, who had said that he would’ve loved to fight Iron Mike, but doing so at this point would have been a lose-lose on top of the obscene purse that was being asked for. Fury would go on to say that if he had lost, fans would consider Fury to be a poor fighter, but if he had won then he would’ve just been bullying an old man. On top of this was the somewhat ridiculous £500 million that Mike Tyson and his team had been asking for, rendering the possibility essentially a no go.

The other name on many lips had also been for Deontay Wilder as a bit of trash talk had taken off – the talk had mostly come from the Wilder side as the fighter would suggest that Iron Mike hadn’t beat anyone worthy of note in their prime and that most of his fights had been against people who were well beyond their best – whether this is just sales patter to hype an eventual fight is a possibility, but a bit of a strange way to go about it.

There has been a lot of support for the comeback either way, some people have suggested that perhaps he is a little too old to get back into the fight game but it also didn’t look like he had missed a beat as the training videos showing him just as explosive as ever. This could be an exciting time for punters during the current pandemic too, with big delays recently many fans have been a little restless but something like this coming back could be great for the industry as these betting sites and these casinos don’t need an account to get started allowing more fans than usual to get involved in this potential comeback.

As of now there’s no further news on what could be expected from a comeback fight after the Fury fight fell through, it might just be that plans are a little harder to make during the pandemic, but with any luck some more news around a potential fight will start circulating again within the coming weeks – the next step will be to just find a willing opponent, much like with Fury it may be tougher for the younger guys to accept as it may seem like beating up an old man, but who knows maybe we can even see another heavyweight GOAT step out of retirement for a one time even – Klitschko anyone?