Why You Should Hire a Party Wall Surveyor in Essex

Party walls are vital for separating properties or spaces owned by different individuals. The walls can also be used to separate office spaces in the same building or apartment. Designing and building a party wall can be complicated since the owners of both properties have to be consulted.

Here is where a party wall surveyor in Essex comes into play. There are rules as defined by the local authority and agreements to be signed before construction begins. Remember, party walls can be non-structural, and some laws stipulate how the wall must be constructed.

Herein, we will delve deeper into understanding party walls, party wall agreements, and why you should hire a party wall surveyor like Humphreysandsons.

What Are Party Walls?

As mentioned before, party walls are used to separate lands or office spaces for tenants occupying the same building. However, unlike just any wall, there are laws that govern the construction of party walls. 

Party walls do more than separate properties owned by different owners. They are also used to provide privacy. You may come across party walls with thick insulation so that noise doesn’t reach immediate neighbors.

In some states, party walls in buildings must be built using non-combustible material that will prevent fire from spreading during emergencies. These walls protect the tenants while also doing damage control.

Party Wall Agreements

Before building a party wall in Essex, a party wall agreement has to be signed. This is a legal requirement in most cities, and its goal is to eliminate any disputes between the two parties.

The agreement highlights all rules about the ownership and maintenance of the shared wall. A party wall surveyor in Essex will guide you on how to draw up a party wall agreement. The agreement will say who is responsible for maintaining the wall and the fines if the wall is not taken care of.

Another stipulation on the party wall agreement is the right to change or modify the wall. For example, the agreement may note who can drive nails into the wall. Also in the agreement will be a clause for one party to consult the other before making any structural changes on the wall.

After the neighbors agree on the party wall agreement, the local authority keeps a copy in the relevant land records. This record will be made available for any buyers who may want to purchase the property later on in the future.

Why You Should Hire a Party Wall Surveyor

The role of a party wall agreement is to prevent and resolve disputes related to boundary walls or projects that may need to be done near neighboring properties. Party wall surveyors in Essex help the parties draft an agreement. They will also help resolve issues related to party walls.

Party wall surveyors have to follow the regulations as stated in the city’s party wall act. They are required to solve disputes impartially without favoring either party. Party wall surveyors must have the relevant qualifications, understand the party wall act, and understand the construction regulations.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Party Wall Surveyors in Essex

Now that you understand the role of party wall surveyors, let’s delve into factors to consider when hiring party wall surveyors in Essex. Ensure that the surveyor is conversant with the city’s construction laws and Party Wall Act and has the required qualifications.

We recommend going for surveyors with more years of experience. This is an added advantage as they will help solve different disputes and offer impartial solutions. However, experienced professionals can be costlier than newbies in the profession.

You can ask for recommendations from friends or family who have constructed shared walls. Ask more about the surveyor’s rates and customer service. You can also hop onto the internet and look at what past clients are saying about the surveyor. 

Wrapping Up

Disputes about shared walls can develop at any time. It is crucial to hire a party wall surveyor in Essex to help you draw a party wall agreement before setting up a wall to separate your property. This will eliminate the chances of disputes with your immediate neighbor.

Besides drawing a party wall agreement, the surveyor will also guide you on the building regulations as stipulated in the party wall act. The tips shared in this guide will help you hire a professional surveyor that’s worth the money.